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hello and welcome to our g.'s newsroom i am i need to now is great to have you with us tonight c c c's the hallowed magicians go to the polls but turnout is low and the front runner is accused of being no different from ousted dictator mubarak and civilians are killed in ukraine as the army sells residential areas but what it is and to kiev gunmen laid down their arms plus stop checking your phone and listen up in the now i tell you how to be less obsessed with your social networks and look up .
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a second presidential election in two years gyptian want to change but will they get it it's the second day of voting due to low turnout it's extended for another day egypt which has been locked in a revolution circle for the last four years is choosing between two candidates just two other politicians have boycotted the poll this number speaks for itself and one of the candidates you probably know adel fatah al sisi he will most likely be egypt's new leader not really new since he's been defacto in charge of the country after yet another round of revolution last year he was commander in chief of the country's armed forces then and resigned to run for presidency its promise was to get rid of the muslim brotherhood in egypt and hundreds of its supporters have been sentenced to death recently plus his political team includes aides of hosni mubarak he's been accused of being no different from the ousted dictator. well the election might have nothing to do with fairness and variety of options but general sisi is
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apparently a popular man t. shirts with his face are selling out like crazy that's according to street vendors chocolates with his face are being made i hope gyptian won't take much bigger with the sweet his face is on silver near mach two hundred gyptian pound soon they might appear on real money and even the sandwich now bears his name no wonder the general has been up to some populist moves like riding a bicycle in a blue tracksuit just a regular guy well dulles life or from the american university in cairo joins me tonight in the now to discuss this election the turnout has below were no we know that it's now been except extended for a second day the other candidate filing a legal complaint against the decision in fact to extend voting why do you think we're seeing such low turnout largely because well let's say there are
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a couple of reasons one reason which is given by the electorate a lot of electoral commission and i think it's quite valid is we having an extremely hot day today the temperature during the day was hovering around forty forty one it was really a terrible day and egypt sions if they can avoid it especially since today was a holiday set aside as a sort of bank holiday by the government to stimulate the vote gyptian so they have a choice in the heat like that just stay at home you don't think that's anything to do with the egyptians not having a choice or candidates. well first of all i would say that they have a choice of candidates to have two candidates in the united states generally we have two candidates running for office and the decision there were one or two other candidates who wanted to run and they simply couldn't get enough signatures the only candidate they don't have is a candidate from the muslim brotherhood but anybody else could run and in fact was encouraged to run by field marshal sisi who no longer should be addressed as field
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marshal i assume another day or two will be calling him president sisi but his his platform is quite a vague political map while the only thing that's really clear is that he's determined to root out the muslim brotherhood i understand he's also promised some kind of energy saving light bulbs is that the right choice for egypt is this what egypt needs right now i think he has more of a program and then one might read in the dispatches coming from news agencies for instance he's outlined very dramatic public works which is desperately needed i mean the past it was unemployment was bad enough under president mubarak but in the last three years of turmoil and lack of stability and security drying up with investments unemployment has increased people want to things they want to employ men and they want stability and they really met most people i'm not talking about let's say intellectuals or. scholars. political
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partisans i'm talking about the typical man in the street he wants to believe he wants employment he wants to be able to put food on his table and that's very difficult for a lot of people now l.c.c. has come out with programs they tend to be ignored because of the fact that he's riding a bicycle is considered more significant by some journalists than the fact that he came out with a plan to build one million apartments in the next couple years one million homes for egyptians with money that's being forwarded by one of the oil rich countries in the gulf but a big part of his. is in fact to make sure that the muslim brotherhood is out of the country that's putting it very briefly but that's the way it's really seen he's made that very clear a good part of the country voted for the muslim brotherhood and their leader was ousted what does that say about these elections that will he was ousted largely i would well i would i would say about the elections this is an attempt to return to
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the the idea of trying to restore democracy in this country have to sixty years because during the one year of the muslim brotherhood's rule they were taking steps to applying the new authoritarianism at this time it would be an islamist authoritarianism lot of people are saying that that sisi will just be the same kind of a fairer tarion as mubarak was in fact many of his inner circle support sisi i would imagine that the mubarak many mubarak people would support him simply because they they too would like to see the situation stabilize but the basis of his popular support has nothing to do with whether or not mubarak has endorsed him certainly certainly mubarak. would i would just imagine he would feel more comfortable with that he would feel more comfortable with
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a country that is not set on a course to be an islamist state barak was overthrown morsi was overthrown what's the guarantee just briefly as you see it that in a year if things don't go as he promises that sisi won't be overthrown by another revolution if sisi. goes ahead with a massive public works program which is what he's been talking about even if it hasn't been picked up by the press i don't think it's in the cards a brotherhood will not have the capacity to already there first and second levels of cadre are either in prison or in exile either they're in turkey qatar or england or they're in prison and you're down to the third level which gets some instructions from the prisons. and so they're not going to come from the brotherhood if he fails to initiate a public works project which means employing hundreds of thousands of egyptians who are now without work maybe more then there would be
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a problem it may not come in the one year or maybe it would be two or three but there would be a different type of revolutionary movement and it would not the muslim brotherhood would be more in the sort of traditional revolutionary socialist mode because people are counting on and ceasing to bring about stability and to generate jobs and to be able to help people put food on the table if that doesn't happen then he would be in trouble. and that's where would come it would not come from the muslim brotherhood right of tell us why far from the american university in cairo thank you so much for being in the now well some in the u.s. are not taking sisi supporters in washington lightly and they try to stand out in front of the state department. this is where i get my money oh my. god look even though it's a problem. this protest was organized by code pink and one of the protesters who
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came to stand against what's happening in egypt is omar sultan he joins me in the now tonight from washington omar's brother mohamed is in jail in egypt he's a u.s. citizen and has been on a hunger strike for over one hundred days i understand omar why you would protest of course outside the state department was there any reaction to your demonstration . first of all our just like to reply to my colleague who was just speaking and said that c.c. does have a programme he does not have a programme he came out and his official campaign came out and said he does not have a programme and he told people clearly on t.v. so you guys took me and told me to come out of the army to run for presidency now you are asking for a program second thing is barak did indorse sisi and he went on official government newspapers and he supported ceases run for presidency what do you think would be a better option among the chaos that we see post both revolutions. i believe the
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best option is that the muslim brotherhood give up are morsi returning and can form a coalition with the revolutionary youth and go back to february eleventh two thousand and eleven and go back to their original revolutionary goals and sit together rather than have the army come back and take control as they have for the last sixty years in egypt even if it didn't seem that way all the governors all the ministers they were all army men all army men the had left the army and came into those positions because of the army presence such as the mob than also that and on what is said that and mubarak so the army cannot come back to rule the country they hold over sixty percent of the economy and a lot of the land in egypt they cannot come to power because they have corrupted this country for over sixty years as for the state department state department at
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the protests the they told us they would send somebody out to talk to us in thirty minutes later they said no one would come out and talk to us but we were in touch as a family with state department and they're doing the bare minimum they're saying we cannot help mohamed we can't call for his release which is kind of absurd because in two thousand and eleven when the two n.g.o.s in egypt got arrested hillary clinton when she was secretary of state herself she went to egypt and applied the necessary pressure and got those two americans released in the charges were dropped and they were put on a plane sent back to america but now state department is telling us and this is after my brother's reach one hundred twenty one days of a hunger strike that they can't interfere with the legal process in egypt which is which is very very disappointing martel's a little bit about why mohamed was arrested why you went back to egypt in the first place. ahmed my brother your turn to egypt in two thousand and twelve after he
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finished his economics degree from ohio state university and he believed that if someone if i go back to egypt and invest in my country from the beginning when my country economically arises that he could be something big in that country and in the process also my mother breast cancer so he needed someone to be there as my dad started working in the government became very busy. a couple of months into him moving into egypt the coup happened in egypt and he joined the protests and because he spoke fluent english and arabic he worked as a volunteer civilian journalist and a team of also journalists or civilian journalists spoke fluent arabic and english and spoke to foreign media after the dispersing of robin after he was shot in the arm his friends were visiting at her home in egypt and security forces went to look for my father and they found my brother and his friends in the arrest of them
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and ever since he's been tortured in egypt prisons he's been beat he's been threatened to death and on june twenty sixth and after the court came up with no evidence and extended his imprisonment in egypt with no evidence whatsoever he decided to go on a hunger strike and he's reached day one hundred twenty one along with zero journalist abdullah shami who's reached day one hundred twenty six. and thank you so much for being with us in the now and sharing the story of your brother the best of luck to you and your family thank you. well i'll be back after a short break with the latest on ukraine stay in the now.
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if you refuse economic ups and downs in the final months day the london deal sank night and the rest because i think the case it will be everything we can all pay. tribute. to.
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choose your language. of holy week over the influential things still some of the. treatments that the consensus can. choose the opinions that immigrate to. choose the stories that impact your life choose the access to your. welcome back you're in the now with me and he said now way innocent civilians are being killed by the ukrainian army. and this is what i would see some of the
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disease yes just you and your example and you. have to hope she says it was felt by our to the radio agency ruptly local residents say that the army shelled an area in the eastern city of slovyansk at least three people have been killed there. these artillery batteries which have reportedly been used to shell the city r.t. caught up with a witness. who knew of the man you can see in this video who was killed after showing him from a bomb and injured his head before and this is not the full picture you need in the yard of the nine story building where this video was shot there's a kindergarten that already thank god it was late cyclical and no one was inside of camera i personally saw another dead body in ten minutes later yet another people shot it nobody expected this but this isn't the first time that government fire has hit a civilian part of the city and while they might have been firing blanks before this
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time shows exploded to show. they were ordinary people they weren't in camouflage and they were an armed this video was shot in the now it's it seems to show the army bombing out and taking of gunmen who have occupied the airport and other buildings take a look. at what's on the to look at this is you can see yes yes yes that you. and we're live on ski president and founder of the american university in moscow joins me in the now to discuss the ongoing situation in new train i thanks for being with us up to one hundred caliph last man can most parents have been reportedly killed by the army who are they and are civilians paying the price for their refusal to negotiate. well that's sort of course very difficult to say for example those people because. there are probably
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plenty of for a. former ukrainian the or. even sorrier military or her during the rebellion. problem is there some. soldiers of fortune on both sides israel are just horrible figures it's pretty difficult to say who is doing what i think the important thing for him to use to stop this. guy. i think that mr poroshenko had a great chance to stop this horrible mess and after he won the election still declare peace and start negotiations i think you choose the wrong past he decided first was it so you destroy all the opposition i don't think you'll succeed. but now that for kiev you're obviously talking about his intensification of the military campaign in the east we've seen civilian deaths we've also seen the
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deaths of these these pro these anti kiev armed gunmen what's the way out. i know it's a difficult question well. i just point i think that. if indeed this referendum the truth wasn't in your skin were gone so if ninety percent was correct and we have no kind of a reason to doubt it then it means are there miners and steelworkers joins the opposition and the army will have to destroy. not just hundreds. of military personnel all volunteers or wherever they have to kill almost everyone so i think the sooner mr poroshenko stops this and maybe it's too late now i don't know because after so many serious or pill i don't know if for ukrainian people
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going the rounds from the news will be ready but the rhythm is certainly good and t's dad been on persecution that those autonomy this will be given their rights then maybe there's a little chance that peace can be restored but of course it's also depends on washington brussels and to some extent moscow will have to call and to stop this hearing and to sit down at the table but frankly again. and i don't see how it is going to happen it could have been yesterday or even day before yesterday but officers over three days i'll be barmy destruction for accusing syria i don't know how is this thing just going to stop it will continue and the way that mr poroshenko worlds and there's a job before his inauguration i think it's what he wants to do if he wants by june seventh hate to finish this i doubt he will succeed. edward thoughts on ski president and founder of the american university here in moscow thanks so much for
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joining. us. we have a problem i think these things are toxic and all the especially for kids it's just this thing it's bad and i hear they don't look at people when they talk to them and they don't build empathy how many times a day do you check your smart from ten or fifteen times because more and more of us are becoming desperately addicted to social media and our phones and the numbers are rising an average smartphone user checks their phones some one hundred and fifty times a day and the number of mobile addicts is growing fast it's growing one hundred twenty three percent in a year women are hooked more than men also middle aged people sometimes use their phones more than their teenage children and every second and we need to tweet like look scroll or just surf our phones i pads anything we can get our hands on sounds
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like we have an addiction to me but help might be on the way. talk isn't antisocial mobile application more talkers can gauge with other people in order to disengage from their bones i can download the app create my profile and invite all their friends to put their phones down for a pre-determined amount of time. or can stay away from their phone without swiping it wins points in their profile those points go towards rewards and real life maybe a coupon to someplace on marshall free or discounted your favorite restaurant let's talk. when we spoke to the co-creator of this new album one of the students who decided it's time to take action here's what rachel samples had to say about phone addiction so it's a feeling of having to do something so when you look at your phone it's the feeling instantly on your tax some money back i need to be treated something i need to i need to go like
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a photo it's that instead to do lists of the instant gratification you feel when you complete that to do list whether you're on social media or just doing you know the navigation on your phone or something like that it's just being you know this other identity and maybe you know your true self when you're just a presence you're present on social media and not social as a human being in a face to face interaction and ironically social media is a way to raise awareness about the dangers of getting lost in our gadgets or how. yes i'm lonely i speak to all of them every day yet none of them really know me as me do we go social is anything. but we are no computers and it's all those we show so when you're in public and you start to feel alone pianta behind your head step away from the fire you don't need to stare him and you or your contact list just talk to one another learn to coexist when you're too busy down you don't see the chances you miss. your generation of idiots smart phones and
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dumb people. live video got almost forty million hits on you tube so it must have hit a nerve joining us in the now is the creator of the project look up writer and spoken word artist garry turk thanks so much for joining us and gary first of all i have to say your five minute love story really touched me i think about it every time i pick up my phone and i'm around my son or my family. it said something was there a specific event or moment that inspired you to make this video. thank you first time words it wasn't really a specific moment it was i wanted to create something from a director and spoken word artist i want to make this and while i was coming out of what i wanted to make us looking around and noticing in myself i was always on my computer so i was always on my own and then once i realized that i noticed in other people and people were i really starts their phones i see people all the time and they don't need to be know it can wait in a moment or it's all about looking at the phone so you especially now knowing the
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power of social media of these gadgets this video that you made about how we can miss life if we get lost in our phones and social media when it went viral very quickly millions of people have seen it you've really been pushed into the spotlight do you see the irony a little bit you know there's a huge are the i mean it's an unavoidable irony but the thing is if the message was me trying to say the social media is bad and we just don't they're completely the no would be really ironic but what i'm saying is it is a good thing we should use it it can be used for good books to talk and when to use in moderation and it's up to us when we use it and when it's right to use it to do expect that your message would go this far this fast no no no and so i all i did was i put it on my facebook to my friends only because i made it my own time on my own not much money despite many people to see it and a week later it was in tens of millions it was crazy we just give our audience
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a couple of lines of your spoken word about look up live for us here in the now. look at community phone shut down those displays we have a finite existence a set number of days don't waste your life getting caught in the nets because when the end comes nothing's worse than regrets i'm guilty too of being part of this machine in this digital world we are not seen where we thought it was we talk and we just we chat we spend hours together without making eye contact don't give in to a life we follow the hype give people we love don't give them you like disconnect from the need to be heard and defy and go out into the world the distractions behind writer and spoken word artist gary turk in the now thanks so much for joining us again. and that does it for us tonight i usually tell you to stay connected at this point but tonight don't disconnect look up go out and do something your phones and gadgets keep you from doing otherwise it's now or never.
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why do candidates use smear tactics to get in office because it works if all that mattered about a candidate were their positions they would just hand out piece of paper with the guy's positions on them but that's not how it works people make choices based on emotions whether they are buying a can of pop or selecting their candidate it's the packaging that counts heck obama won ad age as marketer of the year for one of his campaigns yet image is everything but in texas one hopeful for the lieutenant governor's chair has used arrivals of medical records against him the incumbent david do hearst has been able to use the medical records which were released by another candidate who dropped out to make his opponent look crazy because he was at a psychiatric hospital twice with around the clock observation for severe depression now is it ok to use this info in
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a campaign maybe the public should know if someone is crazy legally it's probably ok and yet it works but is hypocritical all of us are guilty of something and if you take our worst moments as a person then you can make anyone look evil this is the tactic of the week with nothing to offer the public so they hide behind slander they just want the position of power and nothing more but that's just my opinion. talking about language is what i react to situations i have read the reports for. clues to know i will leave the state to comment on your. so it's. no more weasel words. when you question me prepared for a chase when your son should be ready for
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a. pretty tough speech and let him down to fit into class. lives. just. the more than twenty years i've been trying to find any polish village that would have been destroyed by spontaneous tuck's of ordinary ukrainian farm is with that ox is college but i haven't found a village like that. because every time when we could determine the offenders it was obvious that attacks had been orchestrated by groups organized by the ukrainian
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nationalists sunday or and the. people. it is true however that since the very beginning of the anti polish campaign. under of ait's false the farm is to join their operations to create the impression that farmers took revenge on those people. it was used as a cover up for a nationalistic. which. it was highly unlikely that the farmers became outraged grabbed their pitchforks and killed all of those people so it was clearly an organized campaign but those who orchestrated it were named and recognized time and again at an international level. it's true that some of the ukrainian pharmacies participated in it the band dare of i would not have been able to do it on their own but one cannot
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security that the cause of those events and their outcome the genocide was a ukrainian popular uprising is worth noting that this is actually a very dangerous stance as it is an attempt at putting the responsibility on the ukrainian people saying that there was no pricing and we just joined it sounds like an attempt to make excuses. to do more because i think there are no two ways about it there are documents that prove it was the u.p.a. brass who masterminded the massacre and passed their orders to the men on the ground. this is the only possible explanation for the fact that it took place similar taney asli and in so many locations. there is irrefutable evidence that some of the leaders of the ukrainian insurgent army were personally guilty of ordering the massacre postings. it was also noteworthy that the mass slaughters of pows was not limited to
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a single locality or point in time a death squads operating over a vast area for several months in july one thousand nine hundred forty three alone they assaulted over one hundred fifty polish populated towns and villages. the massacres culminated on what's known survey as the bloody week starting from july eleventh nine hundred forty three ninety nine polish villages where whites house in this period they burned down polish churches and killed priests in from city old but apart from the atrocities the worst thing for us was the terror the sets in among the people. who were to go in the autumn of one nine hundred forty to the leaders of. the result to expel all poles and choose from what they saw as ukrainian territory it was initially understood as anyone who would refuse to leave
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face death but the way things eventually went on the ground suggest that at some point involved. the initial order got replaced with the decision to exterminate all the poles without ever offering them the chance to be about. you pack among the roman should cave each openly spoken of that's in july one thousand nine hundred forty the same is true with eastern galicia it is well known that they own a new command discuss this is well. worth the money printer or the money if they killed poles and jews and other minorities such as russians czechs carrots and gypsies everyone. the idea was that ukraine was only for ukrainians. it was imagined as a kind of fascist state. with the performance of secure it is an established fact
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that the old ringleaders served in the uk to gawain or on battalions or in the go lieschen division of the s.s. during world war two as well as an auxiliary police unit that collaborated with some were also trained in german military and intelligence schools. we have plenty of documents that prove that. you actively cooperated with the. rhythm of the german military intelligence during the war. they apologists claim the conflicts stem from poland centuries long expansion into ukraine they see indigenous people have the right to fight against and slave and send hugh koreans where the indigenous population of alania and eastern. it is simply pointless in their opinion to question the methods employed by the ukrainian
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insurgent nami. to september nineteenth thirty nine poland had territorial disputes with buy outs of six neighboring countries only a handful of ukrainian nationalist groups such as the organization if ukrainian nationalists emerged in disputed areas they defied polish sovereignty over western ukraine and had a vision of establishing ukraine as an independent nation. purity was also high on their list of priorities this long time between polish chauvinism and ukrainian nationalism had been the whetstone the shop in the plate of ethnic hatred which eventually was let loose on. the goals will we have to make it clear that this is a lie a delusion a perversion of the truth. victim is someone who was unexpectedly assaulted and
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killed regardless of whether the victim was armed or not. as for the assailant year even if an attacker gets killed by way of self defense that is a casualty but there is no way he should be regarded as a victim. if you do it. with such is the story of ukrainian polish relations during world war two crimes were also committed by poles against ukrainians which were no less brutal even though the scale was admittedly much smaller. while tens of thousands were killed in the valeria massacres some estimate the toll that sixty thousand others place it even higher polish retaliatory attacks also claimed thousands of lives judging who's right by comparing body counts is certainly a bad idea but the hard fact remains that the number of victims from polish assaults was many times smaller. documents left behind by the
2:37 pm
own insurgency prove that there was a strategic rationale behind the organizations eventual decision to purge polynya and later of outsiders the hard way by killing poles in tens of thousands. one of the people who was personally responsible for the carnage was a man known as cleam. who by the way was recently honored with a memorial in his hometown. she did a series of german defeats made the leaders of the old to be less certain about germany's ability to win the war this also made the prospect that the red army could return to western ukraine more real if that were to happen the local pols would join forces with the red army and make it harder for them to fight against the soviets these are the considerations of the local leaders of the only be in the bolivia and polish it with klim some board in charge when they made the list cision
2:38 pm
to rid these territories of all pool. i already mentioned. gave orders to kill completely innocent people and had thousands of civilians murdered and there are documents signed by him to prove that so putting up a monument in honor of such a person is something completely beyond reason as a matter of fact the way poland is reacting now to what's going on here is partially due to the fact that we are glorifying such people in ukraine. to the genocide made members of families turn on each other because the logic of the ban there of it's was the following if you want to be with the u.p.a. prove it by killing your blood relative kill your polish sister or your polish mother horrible crimes were committed inside families the very foundations of christianity were destroyed. the ideology of the nationalists just like that of the communists or nazis denied all christian values here in their official documents
2:39 pm
such as the guidelines on their own combat and activity during the war under wise to refer to themselves in no other terms than an order of fanatics and fighters led by steve. who they called their supreme leader just. lending the territory's from the enemy presence in times of callous and under vast as is acceptable for us to eradicate the hostile polish mass create an. already cave mostly the intelligentsia we shall keep them away from any leading positions or educating jobs jews paulson moskovitz must be isolated every move from all governing bodies those that are allowed to stay for technical purposes must be liquidated at the first signs of noncompliance i quote from i want to have lines on the i want to combine an activity during the war. this was an organization that we would compare it to something like al qaeda today
2:40 pm
a terrorist organization whose purpose was to kill. of course they came up with an ideology. to justify the killing they proclaimed that they were fighting for an independent ukraine and wanted to help the ukrainian people. however the main thing for them was the fight itself but the late bin laden was also calling for the liberation of muslims from the americans by means of killing in genocide these methods cannot be justified. but. it is tragic that the ukrainian national idea is based at least partially on the tradition. which is oppression and i believe this is due to the fact that there is a strong and well organized pro-ban there are a ukrainian community in the usa and canada. and their headquarters is simply fed they cited back to western ukraine.
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as a whole. despite what the present day supporters of the old often like to say many of koreans did not approve of them and thereby its methods are natural and often chose to try and protect the defenseless polish population here jli at the risk of their own lives and the lives of their families there are multiple witness accounts that testified to that. not. both polish and russian historians agree that the forces had killed at least seventy thousand ethnic ukrainians. i mean you know the voice of their fellow countrymen. their blood brothers and sisters. were sure. to three years ago poland's institute of national remember and published a book called the book of the righteous of the eastern borderlands. on the book
2:42 pm
was about the ukrainians who gave their lives for refusing to join me own. human form. and for trying to rescue their polish family members and neighbors. mission with more. supple and skims from whom. this is still one of the most isolated and mysterious places in the world old legends of cannibals make many people afraid to travel here are they going to put us on the menu the europeans have been here for less than a hundred years few people know what secrets lay hidden within these forbidding mountains. they said a bunch of cannibals killed and ate a group of shamans
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a russian plane one of the biggest in the world flies a couple in the guineas wild mountains for the very first time. villages have never even seen a come. what will they make of this huge steel bug. european workers are told never to venture out alone. truths and myths oh no it's easy. to fail it is an obvious point in cyprus and this is spreading out to other countries the central bank using the euro and electronic dirty simply take your money it's outside a store of value if you just take the money equipment going in a block and you don't have that risk. plug right on the same place first street. and i think the church. playing. on our reporters twitter. and instagram.
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live in the no limit on. little. i marinate join me on in-depth impartial and financial reporting commentary and for news and much much. only on the bus and. please. click on your. face type you know. plug.
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a pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i roll researcher. live world. science technology innovation all the list of elements from around russia we've gone to the future or covered. if they go to in october one thousand nine hundred thirty nine one of our family friends alerted my mother and grandmother that they were supposed to be arrested the following day so they run away from the village they left in to the city of
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cork if where they had changed their last name and so money to survive through the war that's why i know that the attitude of different ukrainians towards poles and their tragedy was different rules. novel uses to my mother's neighbors involved saved her life twice their own forces were ordered to kill all poles but it turned out they were neighbors who warned people and saved their lives they saved my mother so i can say that i am proof of the friendship between poland and ukraine. the i used them redeemed of all of them. being searched. when we hear the stories of those who survived they usually speak about ukrainians that helped them go through this and the poles were fighting for
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their lives so it was natural. but it was a real heroic deed and display of courage on the part of those who were helping them it's a bubble but the books so the heroes are among those who were saving the poles. polish film director might say wait sokolsky knows about the events in bolivia a bit more than most of his colleagues because he actively participated in making a documentary named there once was a village the film tells the tragic story of one of the polish families in the village of. in valya who became victims of the massacre. the documentary has recently been broadcast by poland's first t.v. channel and caused a massive public outcry but it didn't stop another polish film studio from working
2:48 pm
on a similar documentary a script writer and film director banaszak says that the modern youth knows very little about the events in valencia recently a small action group in poland has launched historical reconstructions but a veil over the truth about valya had been grown for too long however as strange as it may seem this topic is still quite unpopular within polish political circles. sixty nine almost seventy years ago the same thing took place and nowadays people don't usually talk about it very few people are aware it's not discussed the situation has changed over the last year but people just don't care. the truth is being covered up no one is really interested. the fact that the polish parliament fails to adopt a resolution that would pertain that is genocide is a huge scandal in my view that the parliament is trying to justify the actions of
2:49 pm
some fascists in ukraine who in my opinion only do harm to the country and they're not a majority in the society. it is paradoxical and absurd that's why we are making this documentary. as we approach the seventieth anniversary of the of the linnean massacre the very hold no doubt that ukraine has introduced a bill on the ukrainian righteous among the nations that was put forward by a group of deputies from the ruling party the authors of the initiative suggest officially honoring ethnically non polish people who are saving poles from the. despite the threat to their own lives and the. sides of their families this idea was welcomed in poland although a lot of people in ukraine simply refused to believe but the parliament will pass this resonant bill and they have their reasons for that ukraine's border party
2:50 pm
which is a political successor of their own. thirty six seats in the parliament and has thousands of supporters all over ukraine they regard as heroes those who slaughtered and burnt the unarmed women children old people and priests. of forms of. back then in met harsh world and in those conditions to tell a tarion states the u.s.s.r. nazi germany had to exist it was the only way of fighting. it's not our job to justify the crimes. but i think that the glorification of those who are standing up for the ukrainian people's independence and freedom is a natural right of those living in western ukraine before the shelling museum is a must so everyone has their own point of view. they need then it was
2:51 pm
a cynical and cruel game with ukrainian people. controlling them so that they go and slaughter poles. and what do we see now seventy years later. the leaders of the border party guided by nazi ideology that used to is the foundation of the ideology. there are monuments to bundy era shuki a bitch clutch koff ski. and many of this in turn uphill it is very alarming. look we the people are falling if this is being scarred into it by this horrible event on the war it was so atrocious that the ukrainian people are ashamed of it
2:52 pm
and would rather think at its had happened was a bit they're going to do that's why the years when you no one talked or wrote about since you've even amongst their family so the more sheeplike of the moment what was a father or a grandfather supposed to say but he just that i must a kid my neighbors i mean. i think this issue will keep simmering in both our people's minds. i guess we need start at the very beginning that says to tell the younger generation the truth and. the world doesn't send with was. what happened in bali near was horrible and now it's terrible that the truth about those just ukrainians is being erased and the notions of good and evil are being replaced not only in the historical but also in the moral context when the
2:53 pm
criminals are hailed as heroes and the true heroes who sacrificed their lives are forgotten and forced to hide that's what's terrible. nationalists that will get caught in this trap if they claim ukrainian sovereignty is roots go back to. fighting for independence then they should answer for. action us i don't hold a grudge against the ukrainian people we in general don't i think the ukrainians are a good dignified people but fascists fascists they are not people those that killed just one percent forty something thousand and sedate this one percent influences the ukrainian people it's a paradox. imagine how fronts britain or poland would have reacted to the glorification of the nazi terror machine. s.s. and other organizations there were many if the say concentration camps were
2:54 pm
wonderful places it would be an international scandal just for the sake of a strategic alliance with ukraine poland keeps quiet about what's going on in the western parts of ukraine where monuments to bang there are and all the butches of polish people are erected. but it's all new to the opposition claims it's seeking to join europe and so does the ruling party and the wide range of ukraine's political forces who seem to have common ground. but how does this for border party fit into all that it doesn't fit at all so either you stop cooperating with the party or use top claiming that you're europeans and that you're seeking to join europe. this kind of cooperation between respectable political forces and the far right doesn't exist in europe it's impossible was.
2:55 pm
a little ukraine should join the e.u. . ok even if the population is in favor of thoughts which is up to debate first of all they need to deal with the past the opposition ip submission rules and which launches whatever can be said about the germans have never trusted and still don't find they owned up to their past the map yet. this for whatever can be said about post soviet russia. it's the responsibility of the catching massacre and all the must murders of polish offices but in the last year mack says non-issue the authorities build monuments and say parts of memorial services of said we will go on a probe of masala chillis at least some progress on the d. style in isolation from. the process of. how
2:56 pm
can you create try to join the e.u. now if it hasn't dealt with its past. scholarship noodles and should one of. them is something just oh rob you're a peace keeping silent sometimes it indicates his displeasure but he keeps quiet when monuments to bang there are a bill it means europe agrees to fascism as a threat europe doesn't understand what it's playing with if this disease is epidemic plaguing the western parts of ukraine spreads to kiev and then all the ukrainian regions it's understand what fascism is it will end badly i think it's time for europe to say enough and for ukraine to say we don't want this. but you have turned this stand this it has a very deep meaning but it's in polish. over the land of only me and filled with
2:57 pm
suffering and then joe was flying between the thirst of life and brutal violence she saw a little more fire blood and crane covered the boy with his wings and stay with the boy till the morning till his desperate mother found him then joe whisper it don't be scared he will survive the fire the time will come when i will take you through the stars you will be strong and healthy you will spread the polish language and lead the desired from the boundaries of misery. did you understand this. by did.
2:58 pm
seriously school basis try to play. a pulling going to be. more. like more efficient taking every minute. cut me no law no weapons. like the payment. was going to say the place cases most elite clubs players sometimes for nothing actually led this season and it's a shame to look just keep up the story you'll be just if you see a stage eight look to be. the teacher was. playing. your language
2:59 pm
clearly the killer though influential senators today still some of the. treatments that the consensus can. choose to opinions that immigrate to. choose the stories that impact your life. choose the access to your office. to build a new. mission to teach me. why you should care.
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it's eleven pm here in. the east. nearly a hundred casualties almost. make a story. so many. and they all their way. up we report on how. it all. and refusing to be. a human rights activist tells our. prison and. for the people.
3:01 pm
in our top story tonight a horrifying video emerged from ukraine of the widespread slaughter of fighters and civilians it's from the donetsk region in the every day troops are tightening their grip on anti-government forces you may find the pictures rib. to show you upsetting here this video was taken in donetsk where the bodies of government brought to the morgue who were allegedly killed while being taken to hospital in clearly marked ambulance calls. the vehicles were shot at by snipers then hit with a grenade launchers after that survivors were executed at point blank range and the government forces claim thirty five people were killed in one assault alone. in. the building you can see behind me is the now. since tuesday morning has been
3:02 pm
receiving dozens of dead bodies of those who were killed in the clashes between the ukrainian army and to government forces they say now that they expect more bodies to come here later today and that green and white car as they just now iraq bring in has we heard at least seventeen about is the officials of the self-proclaimed republic of donetsk and the leadership of self defense units claim that they lost around fifteen men while as many billions were also killed in the strike we have been able to speak with the witnesses and this is how they describe what was going on here. they attacked us from helicopters also with grenade launchers and. sometimes they turn into residential areas and short mortars by the houses destroying them. they also attack the school we're hearing from ukraine's military officials unclear if that's
3:03 pm
a large scale military operation currently undergoing in this part of the country will continue until the last terrorist bases how key of calls separatists and those who do not recognize caves new authorities is. r.t. from donetsk in ukraine there is closely watching the situation in iran don't see you can catch up with the latest updates on twitter there she is reporting with dead bodies and military uniforms of the corpses of civilians still being taken to the city's morgue. ukrainian army is now encircled donetsk all routes into and out of the city of blocks schools are being evacuated local bomb shelters prepared earlier the army cleared one of its main targets in donetsk the city's airport. was air and ground strikes were used to regain control the report said that sporadic fighting continues in the surrounding area and craft a patrol in the skies above the city is activist one local says army sniper is
3:04 pm
ready to act on the ground. to give an idea of the obscurely of the airstrikes here heavy shelling and deadly assaults not taking place in some rural backwater town in eastern ukraine donetsk is a big place a major industrial hub in fact is the fifth largest city in ukraine bigger than some european capitals like amsterdam or lisbon if it is twice the size of a city like dublin would have been hoped that the violent military operation would turn into a nationwide dialogue after the presidential election at least the next leaders said the country needs that dialogue but the billionaire petro poroshenko has also said the government will go all out against the separatists to speed up the military operation operation and make it more efficient political commentator john white believes such talk will only trigger more chaos than. well you may be able to hold on to power and our region of the country but you certainly won't be able to enforce is right by force throughout the country it's a disastrous policy and it will always solidify opposition. to the west
3:05 pm
throughout history. the west has its hands all over the us they don't really care about the interest of the ukrainian people they care more about their geopolitical interests which are to isolate russia to try to weaken russia but just imagine every year as a strategic and economic rival to the west and to extend need to up to russia's borders of course this is again is folly if they do not remain that brain back from this disastrous policy then the country is headed for a full on civil war if it's not there already the reaction from russia reacting to the events in eastern ukraine the russian president vladimir putin called for an immediate halt of the military operation while foreign minister lavrov said ukraine has everything to gain by ending the violence still the two here should do what it's calling on others to do start fulfilling the geneva agreements and follow the road map. or won't be welcome in douma that city carries on it was a military operation if poroshenko the interest. he will find
3:06 pm
a reliable partner in the last. year. on our web site r t dot com you can find more on the ongoing situation in ukraine including the timeline of the current events and the background and analysis of the unrest the. next europe's leaders got together to discuss that election jolt they got from here a skeptical far right parties in the e.u. pole some already voiced their concerns of the outcome but the german chancellor calling the people's choice both remarkable and regrettable the french president those noted it's perhaps brussels seeking too much influence that's turned citizens against the bloc it's a view echoed by many europeans have been complaining for years about the national identities being eroded and put in brussels that all those with the people who are all over explains more. after the parliamentary elections much has been made of right wing parties taking more seats the numbers speak for themselves in some countries around a quarter of voters put their cross next to right wing or euro skeptic parties just
3:07 pm
how has this popularity come about a group of scandinavian journalists claiming people are turning to the right in search of traditional conservative values they stand for the same values and same policies that the social democrats would have stood for twenty five thirty years ago the preservation of the welfare state. the obligation for you to work and contribute to society but also enjoy the benefits of it but speaking out for these parties can land you in trouble in twenty thirteen laws hedegaard editor of dispatch international was the victim of an assassination attempt after he was set upon by a gunman in copenhagen along with his coeditor ingrid culturist they tell me that they're uncomfortable walking on the street in momo this is the find for multiculturalism and tolerance has backfired ingrid has put her home up for sale
3:08 pm
and plans to leave sweden altogether sweden has totally take i mean i want to live somewhere where it's like it was when i grew up like for thirty forty years ago you know we have so many different nationalities here and they all want to have it their way and the politicians say ok you can have it your way you don't have to become so if you don't have to learn the swedish language you don't have to respect the law so that's the problem ingrid is out of and she isn't going to change her opinions but what difference will it make to her situation when she changes location and comes here to denmark different just that you can more or less enjoy free speech in denmark and sweden you cannot you cannot speak out about any subject without losing your. being beaten up in the streets being harassed the charge from sweden has one of the highest levels of immigration in the e.u. there's a fear that the system won't be able to cope you can't have mass immigration and
3:09 pm
a welfare state at the same time one day you will have to pay for all this mass immigration and the welfare state is good. and in their opinion it's not being able to speak out in certain countries it's a roading a nation's sense of self mashed under threat which would be of cultural identity. language all of flag and history. and things matter to people we shall see soon enough if those parties who claim to be the defenders of traditional european rights can put into practice what they preach campaign trail teach all over called make. go from the movement democratic year of no told r.t. that to win back angry voters brussels needs to stop ignoring the people by making back door deals people really feel disconnected to brussels brussels
3:10 pm
far away mistrust is raising and so the only thing which in our view is now the best the best way to to cope with this situation is to really bring democracy back on the table it's really a situation where heads of state have to be courageous and bring and open up the debate and stopping these negotiations behind closed doors where people are really seeing that some of the institutions and you are just not working in the interest. well the euro currency held its own against the e.u. vote but couldn't face a bigger risk marx and stacy discussed that in the latest kaiser report here on t.v. . i want to point out the major deflationary and inflationary risks first of all we have the bail in which is of course confiscation which is deflation that's a deflationary risk to your savings then there's the inflationary risk to your savings of the european central banks bailouts of the of the banking system the
3:11 pm
bail in is an obvious point in cyprus and this is spreading out to other countries the central bank using the your own electronic currency simply take your money it's a house not a store of value if you just take the money. bahrain's most prominent human rights activists opposed to continue his fight even though as we've just been released from more than six hundred days incarceration now bill roggio has decided to take him for taking part in protests and also for ninety morning post on twitter artie's been hearing over the story. at the over job is getting brief quaint it with a life away from isolation and abuse for the past two years i was kept in isolation away from the thousands of political prisoners i was mostly with people that i don't go with i have seen at least six people being tortured by police i was beating ones i now have back injured repeatedly arrested and assaulted for joining
3:12 pm
anti-government protests he was initially jailed for posting a critical tweet against the prime minister then sentenced to two years in prison for taking part in pro-democracy demonstrations as you know we have been ignored by the international community because bahrain is when they go and saudi bodies go for the rich part of the world which has a knock off influence in the west trading in each country in different the manner based on the financial background or all your existence older audience states that would not have declared the ability or it was the countries. emerging from prison on saturday job was welcomed by hundreds of supporters and then visited his mother's grave he lost five family members while he was locked up never given a chance to say goodbye despite the heartache and government intimidation ridge aab
3:13 pm
that aus to carry on now it's the first time he was exactly where. i was so you know. unfortunately i see the situation this was. a real solution looks good and the distance between the political opposition and the government has become more than one. unfortunately. be missed by the police reacted by the people and that's the cause of the government policy. to reduce. marina porton i r r t. well let's just take it to shed a bit more light on how the bill roggio tries to bring greater freedoms to people you'll start back into thousand and two when your stop is the bahrain center for human rights at the time of the uprising he already was a target for the government move on then to march twenty eleven men broke into his
3:14 pm
home they detained him the beat him even received death threats on twitter in may two thousand and twelve he was briefly arrested after taking part in julie the sounds show here on our t.v. three months after that roger was sentenced to three years in jail for organizing a participating in illegal anti-government protests but was reduced by a year in december today that he's a free man for now at least stay with a syrian r.t. if you can find out why the u.s. is planning to stay in afghanistan for an extra two years. failing is a lot. boy. this is spreading out to other countries the central bank using the euro electronic dirty simply take your money it's outside a store of value if you just take the money. you don't have the risk.
3:15 pm
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again with a deadline for withdrawal of u.s. forces from afghanistan nearing president obama is pushing for nine thousand eight hundred troops to stay on an extra two years but the white house will have to get couples consent first going to washington from or is he going to pull that one off to think. well kevin the bilateral security agreement which the u.s. has been negotiating with of ghana's that is expected to seal the deal the war torn country as you know is now approaching the second round of its presidential elections with both front runners saying that they will sign the agreement the current president hamid karzai has refused to sign it before he leaves are those having drawn attention to civilian casualties in the u.s. airstrikes well the agreement would protect u.s. forces from being prosecuted under the afghan war the obama administration had tried to strike a similar deal with the iraqi government but failed and had to withdraw all troops president obama was at their. air base in afghanistan this weekend addressing u.s. troops and he told them by the end of this year the u.s.
3:17 pm
is combat mission will be over he said america's war in afghanistan will come to a responsible and he repeated the same message this tuesday in washington while president obama may see the end but many don't and the placement of residual forces in afghanistan is seen to incur the u.s. in a conflict that has lasted longer than any other us war absolutely essential. from washington thank you. rush it is participation in the international space station has played a pivotal role in the last sixteen years that the missions in operation but no different from used to be true goes in has other space exploration in mind. washington still wants to send its austin austin international space station after the year twenty twenty two has to start thinking of the ways to do it and now for the next six years russia is under contract on the obligations which will not be violated to send the space men into the national space station the rocket has been the only way to do so ever since the u.s.
3:18 pm
cancelled its shuttle program but after twenty twenty according to the deputy prime minister i was in russia may withdraw from the international space station program the reason for that is purely financial winner stand that almost a third of russia's space budget is allocated for manned cosmonauts and from twenty to eighty russia will launch its ambitious lunar and martian projects obviously the funds will need to be redirected over there and this comes on the back of. withdrawing from several joint projects with russia so now moscow is actively hinting that it may be seeking new corporation particularly with china were understand that such cooperation will be discussed in the nearest future political bickering on the ground maybe affecting international space projects but it's a different story of cooperation up in orbit is the current crew's response to being asked if tensions with the west were affecting the relations on board. relationship between russia united states russia and europe you can really do if
3:19 pm
you just don't know what you're going to do what do you want to. eat least for. thank you. so here's our answer. yes there is no answer for you all to see. to. thank you. i think it speaks for itself well and to prove a point with some space age social networking expressing the global friendship but taking a smiling selfie crew promises to post said smiling selfie on twitter we'll check it out when it goes there. in the beginning there was the word but what language was it will on our website we've got the story of a holy right now between pope francis and the israeli prime minister over what language jesus christ actually spoke also online to medical news fighting fire with fire seems to be the right approach now they're saying in the war nature of the
3:20 pm
with research is in denmark using a chart of the cells to attack the deadly virus itself. let's go back to that story talk about a washington correspondent with going to if you can just know the deadline of course for the withdrawal of u.s. troops barack obama wants to keep more troops there but hamad karzai i won't even speak to him hopefully eugene puryear will speak to us he's from the antiwar coalition hi there always a good time to look back isn't it we all remember when america went in there it was to get rid of the taliban but the taliban still going strong what's your assessment of this very long and costly in so many terms of operation. well i think that really the only assessment we can make it is terrible truly terrible i mean we saw the united states government go in and president obama you know certainly omitted in a huge way that they were you know many thousands of people in the united states who did not want to go to war and every year the war went on every year the
3:21 pm
opposition group because people in the united states saw what was happening that what was sold to us as a limited mission to capture osama bin laden was turned into essentially an open ended occupation where tens of thousands of people died where the united states was operating and still operating a terrible drone program where many civilians were killed and many u.s. soldiers were maimed and i think this situation here where we see the war winding down a lot of americans and this is why we see the war being so unpopular or really thinking well what was this even for we said it was allegedly to go get osama bin laden they didn't get him until years later and it was in pakistan that afghanistan so much blood and so much treasure has been spent so far from the american coffers and on the afghan side i think this is really a terrible situation terrible for a period for a by the united states government that may have been rich some of the ultra corrupt afghan officials and others but certainly help the america controlled world more than it already does but it certainly did not accomplish what it calls park upon
3:22 pm
the world to keep nearly ten thousand troops there now for a couple of years at least hamid karzai isn't having any of that they've fallen out big time over it how much of a snob was that i mean a bomb only went through a couple of days ago because i would even meet him. yes i think it was a pretty big snow i mean it certainly follows on the relationship between obama and karzai which has been rocky to say the least and i think it was you know sort of one final snow but the reality is and obama knows the knows this that both candidates in the runoff for the presidential election have agreed to sign a security deal with the united states and while cars they might be trying to salvage his reputation which is rightfully earned as essentially an american puppet the end result is clear is that whatever the future government will be will continue allowed to allow the united states to have this military presence there and will depend very heavily on the u.s. even by twenty six lean to continue. i think certainly i mean i think what we saw
3:23 pm
from obama's speech is that they want to keep of quote unquote regular embassy per profile with a security protection deterrent so that's a pretty wide open thing even if it's not a large number of troops as the president stated in his state in his speech is that the united states will continue with direct financial support and in my view almost definitely military and other sorts of logistical support continue to be a main prop for the so-called afghan government just finally what future for the taliban what future for afghanistan as you see it over the next couple of years than. well certainly the united states seems to want to have them hold the line obviously there is a possibility there could be some form of reconciliation between the taliban and the current government inside of kabul or what will be the current government after the presidential elections i think we've seen that that government has a significant difficulty having any really significant purchase hold on the
3:24 pm
southern passion areas and so alternately some form of peace and reconciliation between the afghan peoples which has been a long time coming i think is really what almost has to be in the future if there is going to be any in two to what is essentially a civil war type situation that was exacerbated by the imperial sort of enjoyed by the united states if you pull your financial coalition thanks your thoughts. when he said doesn't make per most of the foreign fighters in syria is jihadist ranks a party that's according to one of the free syrian army generals in a letter to the times newspaper resurging british authorities to help stop the flow warning that the extremist may return to carry out attacks in the u.k. no answer believes that poverty and rogue preaches in britain are pushing muslims towards syria. what we've seen within the u.k. are that british muslims eighty percent of whom live on a below the poverty line are becoming increasingly marginalized and are finding radicalized messages from online sources and we've seen research from the
3:25 pm
counter-terrorism radicalization in king's we've seen a number of other academic research pieces come out recently which have stated that the prevalence of online preachers and online radical messages is increasing and these are the kind of things that the british government is now looking to tackle we've seen counter extremism measures come from the home secretary theresa may decided that perhaps potentially disenfranchising something people when they try and return to the u.k. by. cancelling out their their citizenship and. removing access to british citizenship is the way forward i'm not necessarily sure that's the best way forward at this time the suicide bomber an explosive belts bought himself up in a shiite mosque in baghdad killing seventeen people more than twenty worshippers were injured as they amassed inside the building for midday prayers no groups admitted the attack but the bombing similar to those on the al qaeda insurgents who repeatedly target she is of billions and security forces police in china meantime
3:26 pm
have seized about two terms of explosives and arrested five terrorist suspects it's thought the gang was plotting another assault on a crowded location similar to last week's bombing that killed nearly forty people in the northwest china's been shaken by a series of terror attacks on civilians in march and april the government blames we give separatists for the violence. headlines know several hundred protesters have defied thailand's new military leaders installed after overthrowing the government last week people chanted antique you slogans and enraged and engaged rather in clashes with police despite army threats to prosecute those inciting why the army seize power last thursday and suspended the constitution after six months of deadly protests. to keep you know everything is happening ukraine tonight with more live news in just about half an hour's time next though after the break max and stacey on the risks facing the euro in the coming years.
3:27 pm
why do candidates you smear tactics to get in office because it works if all that mattered about a candidate were their positions they would just hand out piece of paper with the guys positions on them but that's not how it works people make choices based on emotions whether they are buying a can of pop or selecting their candidate it's the packaging that counts heck obama won at ages marketer of the year for one of his campaigns yet image is everything but in texas one hopeful for the lieutenant governor's chair has used arrivals of medical records against him the incumbent david do hearst has been able to use the medical records which were released by another candidate who dropped out to make his opponent look crazy because he was at a psychiatric hospital twice with around the clock observation for severe depression now is it ok to use this info in
3:28 pm
a campaign maybe the public should know if someone is crazy legally it's probably ok and yet it works but it is hypocritical all of us are guilty of something and if you take our worst moments as a person then you can make anyone look evil this is the tactic of the week with nothing to offer the public so they hide behind slander they just want the position of power and nothing more but that's just my opinion. your friend posts a. you can't afford. a different. the boss repeats the same old joke of course you like. your ex-girlfriend still pens tear jerking poetry keep. ignoring. the post only what really matters. to your facebook news feed.
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welcome to the kaiser report on max kaiser you know former president bill clinton did not have sexual relations with that when it. and peter schiff is definitely not supporting bitcoin. max you and i have had peter schiff on to this show many times and many times you spoke to peter schiff about bitcoin and he told you how much he hated it calling and blah blah blah well because its newest merchant peter schiff gold still better than b t c he says so you're pacific precious metals as
3:30 pm
one of the world's largest merchants of gold and silver dealers by volume and there except in between using bit pay and he says he still holds his negative opinion about bitcoin but that chances are your average bitcoin holder is more likely to be a precious metals buyer than a person who doesn't own big coin i think it makes sense to target because in holders as customers well andrew schiff his brother and i met up with them at their conference last year in new york and meet andrew plotted this behind peter's back basically with pay course on we've had them on our show a number of times and coin so peter schiff is being dragged into the twenty first century whether he likes it or not and he says he doesn't necessarily support bitcoin but that's absurd by accepting bitcoin you're increasing the network which invalidates bitcoin which is supporting because it doesn't matter whether peter schiff thinks he's supporting bitcoin or not for him to be supporting bitcoin you know he can pretend like he's not supporting bitcoin while he's pretending but
3:31 pm
going but we know what the truth to it or that the genius of toshi not come up to has done a number on your head and you finally are being sucked into the vortex that is big going and soon will understand that bitcoin is equal to gold in many ways and then i predict with the new year will be saying that big going to superior to gold in many ways so this is the progression peter is now stepped on the ladder toward bitcoin apostle to them and what came aboard well is that it moore's law is it called where you know one fax machine isn't worth much but two is worth more and ten is worth the. more and metcalf's law has learned a lot at first to the ever decreasing cost of c.p.u. going forward so his using it increases the value of it that's validating they opinion of many bitcoin evangelists around the world that it's you could hate a fax machine but the very fact that you had
3:32 pm
a fax machine increase the value of having a fax machine to all the other people in the network. point is two things remember it's a product payment processor and it's a currency secondarily it's the accidental currency it became a currency because as a method of transmitting money from point a to point b. it wiped everybody off the face of the earth all the current ways of moving money are obsolete because of big coin and the block chain and because it becomes ubiquitous people figure hey you know what just use this as an embedded currency it is a currency becomes a currency so this is the progress that one makes peter's shift understands now as the protocol that allows for money transmission in a way that allows him to increase his business and pass the savings on to his customers and next you'll understand that oh you know what this is actually a better currency than all the other currencies including gold you know that stuff will come in late in the night and is unconscious mind through his dreams to toshi will visit peter schiff and finally convince him to take that final step into becoming a full fledged but coin
3:33 pm
a possible again he hates bitcoin but he has regrets about not buying in two thousand and thirteen obviously i could have bought them then i could have done pretty well sure i regret not buying a bunch of them but that doesn't mean i'm going to buy them now. well there's a couple of misstatements there he's saying i could have bought them in twenty thirty no in fact he could never have bought them because his mind wasn't ready for them but going only makes people rich who are ready to accept toshi they have to be able to understand suppose she and peter schiff in two thousand and thirteen was incapable of taking soto she's algorithm on board the. them and the protocol was not able to be presented to peter schiff in a way that would allow him to buy a big coin in twenty thirty to that's a misstatement the second thing he says which is incorrect is saying that while not going to buy them now well that's stupid but because we're going to go to ten thousand dollars a bit going i mean. gold is a buy you know thirteen hundred fourteen hundreds going to ten thousand. the
3:34 pm
minority and that is he's going against the majority view of you know out there on the main street same thing with bitcoin i predict as peter schiff will be buying big coin when it goes over ten thousand dollars per bit going i'm going to bet i did point that this is in fact going to happen well and the other interesting thing is that you've often mentioned in the past about using gold and silver or bitcoin as a hedge against each other and he does say he reiterated that he's still a skeptic of bitcoin and other alternative currencies and that the move is aimed in part at capturing customers who may also be worried about the ability of bitcoins price to rise in light of recent negative developments in the space well again he his mind is being worked but going he doesn't realize that he's like you drop the acid and he's just beginning to take the trip and you know talk to me in three months and peter ship will be a full fledged bitcoin maniac and now we've got to work on alex jones alex jones says yet to fully embrace big point he's a big point skeptic which is wrong he's depriving us customers the ability to spend
3:35 pm
money with him he's depriving them of the cost savings they would give bitcoin and he's depriving the globe of having an alternative currency alternative fee have currencies so alex jones you are the next peter should post one thousand still just the next and then of course jim rickards well here's another skeptic european central bank a risky alternative to euro european central bank executive board member eve mersch said during a speech on one thousandth the may that as a payment system in a store of value the euro is superior to digital currencies like bitcoin and in particular he noted that there is the exchange rate risk but as. peter schiff using bit pay would prove there is no exchange rate risk peter schiff never actually needs to see bitcoin even though he's accepting bitcoin bit pay is taking that with the risk a bit but peasants are going the risk either. they make instant conversion into any currency you want there or just the platform or allowing point a to point b. money transfer to take place at ninety five percent less than
3:36 pm
a would in any other scenario that's all that's going on there now that statement from a from a banker is also rife with with fallacies they're saying that digital currency is like the euro are superior then bitcoin first of all a digital currency like the euro is not worth the paper it's not printed on to quote jerald celeb day and big coin is not really a digital currency so much as a crypto currency there's a huge difference between a crypt i invented digital currencies and electronic currencies in one nine hundred ninety five ninety six with the virtual specialist technology pat number five on five zero one seven six but i can tell you from experience that it's not a virtual currency it's a crypto currency which is something completely different so that's again words coming out of the mouth of a banker that makes absolute you know reminds me of something i read that apparently lobster's your name through their mouth or something or their nose or their forehead i forget but this guy the central banker is like a lobster is just out of his face he's making no sense whatsoever because you're in
3:37 pm
the other thing is he has said that the euro is a better store of value but i want to point out the major deflationary and inflationary risk first of all we have the balun which is of course confiscation which is deflation that's a deflationary risk to your savings then there is the inflationary risk to your savings of the european central banks bailouts of the of the banking system the bail in is an obvious point in cyprus and this is spreading out to other countries the central bank using the your own electronic currency simply take your money it's a house on a store of value if you just take the money with it going on the block and you don't have that risk. so it's not again it's a statement that it's not worth making it's done from an illness each it who should go back to school or go back to flipping burgers or go back to playing with himself whatever he does during the day because he has no insight into electronic currency currency banking and economics anything by the way there is a risk that your wallet can be stolen your bitcoin wallet but that's not going to
3:38 pm
be stolen by the government unless you allow them to he also said although interested parties could very easily download the application for because they neither understand how this payment system works exactly nor the risk they run when using it like we understand the risks of c.d.o. isn't c.d.'s and derivatives of running wild around the world but again this is a foolish argument he's saying that we only should deal with interactive technologies we understand how many people can explain how look tricity works when you flip on the switch how many people can tell you exactly how the light bulb lights up out of ten thousand people maybe not maybe one out of ten one out of a hundred thousand could tell you how long does that mean you should stop using electric lights or is that mean you should stop using all interfacing with the technology because very little of it is understood how many people understand equals mc squared how many people understand ninety nine point nine nine nine nine percent of all the scientific discoveries of the past one hundred years virtually
3:39 pm
no it doesn't stop people how many people understand all that frickin thing you're holding works i don't you be able to stop me from work holding it so just because people are too stupid to understand outgoing works doesn't mean it's not good for them to use it and then finally there is the entire emerging world of the many crypto currencies in the many layers upon the big blocked chain and the other cryptocurrency block chains here's one of them that everybody's talking about bitcoins nefarious cousin dark coin is booming someone out there likes anonymous money in only a month a little known alternative known as darkwing has rocketed nearly ten fold of value far from around thirty five cents to almost seven dollars a selling point point dark. offers far greater and of an enemy than mixing up users transaction so that it's incredibly difficult to trace a payment to a person and though if you have yet to accept that more anonymous coin for actual goods and services the promise of privacy features seems to have sparked a miniature boom the last i looked the total market cap is forty five million dollars for this dark going is clearly going to be a huge winner it will have
3:40 pm
a market cap similar to like going i would say for a portfolio of crypto currency as you might have fifty percent of bitcoin twenty five percent of dark calling twenty five percent of max going to max going has a enhanced cryptology that makes a superior in many ways to bitcoin have a few dogecoin for fun and maybe a light coin because it's a popular coin and there is some work being done for like coin but i have a portfolio of these kryptos big coin dark coin matchpoint some dos coin your whole portfolio of crypto as a main peter schiff the smart guys a businessman he should be making a market in virtual currencies in crypto currencies over there and europe pacific has a business he's got his ideology get the way of making money which he says as a libertarian he would never ever do it here is doing the exact thing he will make money because of a is warped ideology better go go back to capitalism go back to almost go back to libertarianism come come back peter get all the love you can make
3:41 pm
money with the stuff anyway so finally on this people are worried about the block chain it's becoming quite apparent that when you send bitcoins is not anonymous you have to make it anonymous you have to be have the technical know how to make it anonymous this doesn't automatically for you said darkwing adds an extra layer of privacy by automatically combining any transactions its users make with others of to other users a feature it calls dark send so that anyone analyzing the block chain has a harder time figuring out where particular users money ended up going is easy triple from these levels are a bit going to double from here you know had a new high but dark oyo is the dark horse. that is like secretary of one nine hundred seventy three it is a frickin triple crown winner this is going to make it to the hundred million two hundred million market cap i am sure anyway we got to go stacey so we're going to take up logically adios oh ok i think it could go down as well as up because i've seen lots of volatility in these crypto markets ferret out so to the second i have
3:42 pm
a whole lot more. this is still one of the most isolated and mysterious places in the world. old legends of kind of those make many people afraid to travel here i think puts us on the menu that europeans have been here for less than a hundred years few people know what secrets lay hidden within these forbidding mountains. they said a bunch of cannibals killed and ate a group of shamans a russian plane one of the biggest in the world flies over a pup when they get these wild mountains for the very first time. villagers have never even seen a come. what will they make of this huge steel. european workers are told never to venture out alone. truths and myths oh no it's.
3:43 pm
right on the scene. first for you and i think you're. on a reporter's. instrument. to be in the know. on. least be told language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here. the team from the world talks books of p.r.p. interviews intriguing stories for you to. sue finntroll t. arabic to find out more visit arabic all teeth don't call. dramas
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that can't be ignored to. stories others refuse to notice. the faces changing the walls the lights never. so picture of today's events no longer than a month from around the globe. up to. fifty. all right welcome back to the kaiser report imax keyser time now to turn to a big name in finance to point out peter htat chief scientist at the crowd funded dark wallet peter lives in toronto and is also involved with master coyne and zero cast so you are really in the crypto space peter yet and i go work for a whole bunch of these companies as consultants quote for free right this time
3:45 pm
a dark wallop what is it and why is it talk about dark while i think fundamentally it's kind of this space scope prototype privacy features you know it is somewhat of the what we pay that well so we used to coin you'd much rather use in a way that you have the choice of privacy and took whole naval to go do it and we're building in technology join the stealth fighters is that what you use big queen in a private way so that you know you may know that i sent you money but no one else does ok so one day the crowd funded film that went out talking about dark wild you know it's very cryptic itself and it's kind of shadowy and dark and mysterious so i mean is there is any mention the privacy issue i'm also thinking about dark coin which is a coin which goes through i guess a tumbling process where transactions are completely anonymous so let me ask you this question how is it different than dark coin and dark wallet are they different
3:46 pm
how would you they're them they're quite separate projects coin is roughly speaking one of these alternate currencies that people being creating like going but with or max going is another vietnam go on but with sort of a dark hole interface bolted on you know support to remember that dark wallet it's one piece of software the actual technologies that make it work they've been implemented in other clients as well so you know it's dark hole isn't your only option for privacy it's just kind of at the forefront of the development. ok now i mean look at you here and i'm guessing that you're younger than i am i mean i think that's a fair statement and you're part of this new generation that has really grown up in an era of cryptocurrency and in an era where all these stablished rules and regulations in the way people view banks and money seems to be completely changing so from your point of view of somebody who's now really coming of age and in a period of crypto currencies how do you see this crypto currency wave what does it
3:47 pm
mean to you personally and how do you think it's going to change your life over the next ten to twenty years well me you know i'm very politically moderate so it's a rebalancing a rebalance area well the rebalancing from what to what i mean what is out of balance now that needs to be rebalanced i think we've we've seen all of extremism about privacy and people saying we shouldn't have any privacy should radical transparency nuclear governments let's go see that in the radical transparency close to us not them and you know you could remember that in the western world except for endurance of years free speech privacy you know democracy these are all values that we hold thirty politically moderate values people kind of forget that ok so you're saying a return to rights of privacy and cryptocurrency isn't dark wall and dark coin are are step in that direction and the new crip bitcoin automatic teller machines are a.t.m. those seem to be taking off all over the world is that true yeah i think it seems
3:48 pm
to be for now i mean it's i don't know what use the source that be always interesting to find that out after that launches but you know i think it's important development as is stuff like local bitcoins where it's person to person trading or my ceiling is another example of rights and i look at the coin desk for example as a great blog and it seems like every day there's a story of somebody other bitcoin a.t.m. you know it's all over the world these things are happening and at the moment you know people have been talking about twenty fourteen is the year wall street discovers bitcoin and we're seeing a lot of v.c. money pour into. start ups big pay just got a thirty million dollar deal at one hundred sixty million dollars valuation of course tony will it be introduced the whole concept on the show three years ago and is there a conflict now between let's say the establishment of wall street and the more radical elements if you will of the crypto movement well describe it is i think the . bring if you go in central is because if you go in and barriers if you go and add
3:49 pm
all the stuff that what you know already exists in people master core you know master card visa all to one no one has any advantages and i worry that investors are going to forget this and push the queen in directions which centralize it which take away what it can do in unfortunately centra systems cost more to run and centralized ones so once you take away the advantages well they've got a big disadvantage which technically slow sufficiently just having big server farm off of these headquarters well let's talk about a couple of these the initiatives as seem to be introducing centralization into what is inherently and artistic decentralized approach and i'm thinking for example of a company that just came out last week was announced during the bitcoin foundation get together circle yes circle so circle is a company that they call bitcoin for dummies that it's intermediating really the transaction you don't even touch of bitcoin you have no idea there's bitcoin it's
3:50 pm
all basically dollars they talk about in terms of the language is very different is that a step forward or is that a step backwards it's another let's see if they go get other people to follow their . and decentralization you know much more regulated model well then it's a step backwards but for writing this options one of nothing gets choice if you choose to use or all that's ok if they try to go impose their choices on you that's a pro me let me let me ask question a different way do you think if the primary ethos of bitcoin and decentralization work to prevail what a company like circle flourish. it would not flourish as much as they want it to there's you know there's regulatory capture after all and if a company like circle has a business model of regular leading trucking because removing the privacy well they may be the one company in the space to succeed in the same way that we often see you know cingular payment providers get relationships with government that are
3:51 pm
exclusive words we're much better off with a free market system where you choose to use who you want if you wish to use transaction or third parties involved as a guarantee or it's an escrow that's fine but that should between me and you should nothing to do with it ok let's talk about the free market in places like africa where crypto currency is are being embraced like wildfire and mobile payment systems are in place and people love the fact and the remittance business which is huge where they're getting a set of western union charging ten bucks for a hundred dollar transaction or sending the cash and i'm just using a figure that off the top of my head but for a somewhat large figure the transaction costs are actually close to zero so this is where you see the incubator of really taking hold in seeing what it can do to transform an economy is that true and if so can you talk a little bit about how it is transforming these these economies i hope it will be true in the future i think we're progressing towards but i think the big takeaway from places like africa is the side you contribute to your ease this idea of
3:52 pm
corruption recruits were capture you know the only way that the existing payment companies in africa can charge say ten percent per transfer because there's only one of them there's no competition you know they've got to bribe their local governments for exclusive access which something like because that's inherently fighting against forty billion dollars or so is extracted through the moving the money from one continent to another so that would be forty billion dollars in the pockets of these people in these countries and that's a huge amount of money for someone living the case of you know five dollars a day suddenly you're adding another dollar per day i mean that you know huge increase in their cash flow per day let's talk about specifically dark wallet because that's the price. ejects you're associated with closely right now and one of the biggest issues regarding big coin adoption is the fear of having your wallet stolen so this is a story you hear often so in the case of dark wallet how does this fit in is that a problem or in the of you just as well i think what's interesting with this notion
3:53 pm
of safety and whether or not your wallet is going to stall in frequency or is it really comes down to how you use it and how you want to go and prevent that i mean the one hand you can go and say we're going to involve regulatory officials we're going to make a weights then seize the funds later well that's of course what paypal is done in many places that's a failed business model you know this is why pay pal as shut down a council of trade center because of this model of if something bad happens will seize the money later well they don't really have any way of figuring out whether something bad actually happened did i steal the money to do you know it's in the goods you know or is what something like dark hole it's saying is well look let's go in bring back personal responsibility let's go and add ways for people to keep their bequest safe in the room dark wall to the very beginnings of the stage but it has features such as multiparty control with accounts so if you and i have a business both of us can go sign off on any phones getting sent it is
3:54 pm
a fundamentally different block jane dot org is one point six million while change info ok it's actually wallets ok so that's a huge player in the space how is dark wallet different than blocking i hope in the future it won't be the way how do you mean i hope i can go in prototype technologies and dark will the. doctors will for instance the coin technology that dark will it is working on a book change info has a less sophisticated version of it and as dark old progresses i certainly hope i can go talk to walk into. people and help them make their site more secure as well and more private right so you know you're is that a competitor of yours they don't see it that way i don't see that way i mean their quality isn't a for profit venture right you know i'm not getting paid they're not getting paid to other than to just you're just spreading they going as a philosophy of i would you call it is it pure libertarianism i would say pure i
3:55 pm
would say it's very politically moderate notion if you know people deserve to have the believe the trends are truly trends like privately in a free market so you don't is there yourself you describe yourself as being politically moderate bitcoin however brings up political daggers you know it's a political debate how do you how do if you're forcing you to kind of get into the political fray or b. do you believe that bitcoin the genius of big going the genius of the toshi. will prevail regardless of any conversation any one house on the political sphere is just the algorithm was released and it's just going to change life as we know it and that there's nothing anyone can do about it what do you think i don't think that's true unfortunately you know if governments really wanted to they couldn't spend all the miners and they could destroy the system fundamentally that is that off three of the fifty one percent of this is interesting because in other words you're the first person i've talked to in this space that believes that's possible
3:56 pm
nobody else i've ever talked to believes that governments could band together to fifty one percent attack in other words they get all the hash power their combined computer powers and therefore would this affect italy grab all the bitcoin right so it would be shut down as a project as you note you believe that's possible absolutely. ok what's the probability that they might do that it's hard to say i mean i think it's a political question i think it does require multi country cooperation it just requires a lot of money and they would put in a huge server farm to go and do this fifty one percent attack is there a point where the big coin is ever safe from that. well as it gets big enough when politically important enough to keep in mind chance or something they would attack to destroy. it's that they would attack it too and force it to be centralized forced to apply say no your customer rules or you know very restrictive rules on can i go send you say one because i can send you ten ok well you know peter we're
3:57 pm
running out of time we'll have you on a again soon if you have time and you can come on but this is interesting to me because of everything i've read and every guest i've talked to over the past three years or the first guy to come forward and say you know this fifty one percent attack coordinated by governments is not only doable but you do you really have to kind of plan for it because if it gets to be a political hot potato they're definitely tried they may ok well on that note we have to say goodbye but thanks very much there was a report thank you. all right that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with a nice guys and stacy herbert i'd like to thank our guest peter tod of dark wall if you'd like to get in touch to it as a kaiser important election time by. the by also believes that it was ethnic cleansing spores of it was an attempt to seize the opportunity to encourage the polish presence from the territories to do
3:58 pm
craniums the leaders of the ukrainian insurgent army considered their own. genocide is genocide and polls should never support an increasingly vocal opinions that the mass murder of jews should be considered genocide while the mass murder of poles shouldn't. go you close to their own monuments to. shoot she gave each clutch cliff ski leave. and to many of those in ten up hill it is very alarming. to come in the cream soda gave orders to kill completely innocent people and have thousands of civilians murdered so putting up a monument in honor of such a person is something that is completely beyond reason.
3:59 pm
right on the scene. first for you and i think pictures. on our reporters twitter. and instagram. could be in the.
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coming up on r.t.e. eastern ukraine has seen a flare up in fighting and deaths government forces battle and take care of separatists at the donetsk airport the latest just ahead. and we may be closer to a get most shut down some lawmakers give president obama the power to transfer detainees will talk about the future of the detention camp coming up and a global protest was held against agribusiness giant monsanto that includes the nation's capital as activists say no to g m o's all the details later in the show. it's tuesday may twenty seventh four pm in washington d.c. i mean you're a david and you're watching r t america begin today in ukraine where our battle
4:01 pm
between anti he have separatists and government forces at donetsk airport has claimed forty lives and additional thirty one people have been injured including four civilians authorities say it's the deadliest outbreak of violence yet in the donetsk region a region that was recently voted to declare itself as an independent republic the conflict at donetsk international airport broke out only two days after ukraine elected petro poroshenko to take over as president and just hours. before the violence erupted the newly elected president said that he wanted to negotiate a way out of the crisis are enough and is in eastern ukraine with more. the building you can see behind me is the net that since tuesday morning has been receiving dozens of dead bodies of those who were killed in the clashes between the ukrainian army and to government forces they say now that they expect more bodies to come here later today and that green and white cars they've just now iraq
4:02 pm
bringing has we've heard at least seventeen about is the officials of the self-proclaimed republic of donetsk and the leadership of self defense units claim that they lost around fifteen men while as many. were also killed in the strikes we have been able to speak with the witnesses and this is how they describe what was going on here. they attacked us from helicopters also with grenade launchers and. sometimes they turn into residential areas and short mortars by the houses destroying entire floors they also attacked the school we're hearing from ukraine's military officials unclear if that's a large scale military operation currently on to go on in this part of the country will continue until the last terrorist bases how key of calls separatists and those who do not recognize caves new authorities is. from donetsk in
4:03 pm
ukraine. over the course of the ukrainian crisis there has been a lot of terminology thrown around by politicians in the media to define the conflict most recently we saw the central government in kiev turn to label the anti kiev separatists as terrorists saying that its military offensive is in fact an anti-terrorism campaign and while there are of course many sides to this very divisive dispute some have argued that the terminology in itself is oversimplified and has done damage to the scope of the argument joining me to discuss is no. scent of the rice institute for serbian studies thanks for joining me pleasure to be here so first i want to take a look at the definition of terrorism so it's defined as the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political ends you know many people here in the united states and abroad would say that that is a very fair description of what's going on over there now do you disagree with that sometimes it is a perfect description of what's going on over there but it fits the allegedly
4:04 pm
government forces not the people in donetsk or slovyansk or any of the other a number of places that are refusing to recognize the great of the current regime in kiev the thing that we cannot help but forget if we listen to mainstream media reports what must not forget is that the current regime the government in kiev that's declaring itself legitimate is in fact a result of a coup. armed overthrow of an elected government effective on the twenty second of february despite power sharing agreement that was reached the day before so these are people who resorted to force first and foremost and who are resorting to force again and the people they're fighting the civilians in the east have basically organized themselves to. ensure their own liberty to defend their own homes these are people who are not seeking to conquer anybody else they're defending their own homes and asserting their own right to determine their own destiny how does that make them terrorists terrorists is certainly in the eye of the behold they're all
4:05 pm
just thinking and regards to that terminology do you think words with loaded associations like that and we hear the word terrorist we think of something really really bad. do you think this is particularly damaging to this conflict it is horrendously damaging first of all and i would argue that you prospect of a unified ukraine as a centralized unified country has been left a few exits back it is no longer possible partly because of the rhetoric used by the government in kiev partly because of the activities of the armed forces loyal to the regime who have been murdering civilians they've even shot their own ukrainian troops that have refused the legal orders. this does hold think is just falling apart completely and the use of canned media terms such as terrorists clearly intended to win them support in the west not making them any friends at home there's also been dispute of course over how the opposition has been labeled most media reports we see here say pro russian separatists they don't say and take
4:06 pm
yet separatist so i'm wondering if you could shed some light on why is it why are they all grouped as pro russian well because there's a very simple dichotomy created in the media here the because russians are allegedly the invader everything pro russian is automatically evil and wrong whereas everything that is pro western european pro-marriage or. it can even is by definition right and these people can do no wrong whether it's you know murdering pregnant women or torturing people live in buildings. the problem with this obviously is that it's not true the protesters in the east the people that have established their autonomous republics and throughout the country are refusing obedience to the regime in kiev they're known as seriously pro russian as they are anti-fascist because fascists and outright neo nazis are a large component of the coup regime and knowing the history of world war two and how much to people in ukraine itself as well as. what was then soviet union suffered under nazi invaders you would understand that these people are not willing
4:07 pm
to have this repeated and it is being repeated and it would have probably been even worse had they not resisted i want to broaden this out a little bit because this terminology issue is not only affecting ukrainians it's also an issue in other conflicts such as and in syria of course with syrians who feel that they've been unfairly labeled as terrorists the rebels there for example the question is how do we really begin to sort of up root this kind of terminology and really get rid of using these broad blanket terms well the reason the loaded terms are used is because they work as propaganda terminology they wouldn't be employed by the media if they weren't effective unfortunately fortunately i guess the degree of knowledge degree of understanding among the general populace when they understand that ok these people are being called terrorists why are they being called terrorists who is calling them terrorists and why that sort of leads them to
4:08 pm
conclude oh wait a minute so if these people are calling these people terrorists something is being fishy here indeed a lot of questions that need to be asked in a voice of knowledge president of the rights institute for serbian studies thanks for joining us thanks for having me and still ahead here on our team we may be one step closer to shutting down the guantanamo bay detention camp a senate committee has voted to give president obama new. revisions that allow him to transfer good mode detainees but will congress go along more on that just after the break. look.
4:09 pm
i marinate join me. for impartial and financial commentary for news and much much. only on the bus and only on. the washington well as submit. a list of numbers of the. candidates are perceived going to leave that to me doesn't do too much to add revenue my own tech our culture giant piece on a seventy six year old american farmer the studio fallout do you think this is going to the create or the cia do you think this is what's triggering
4:10 pm
a great america is the largest economy in the world it's also the largest debtor nation in the history of breaking the set is mostly of alternatives to the status quo but want to give them some points to work with the american dream the next they were just trying to survive it's time for americans and lawmakers are forced to wake up and start talking about the real cause of the problem. and now to washington d.c. where some progress may have been made in closing down the guantanamo bay detention facility just this past thursday the senate armed services committee voted to give president obama the authority to close down the prison camp with some wiggle room for congress to object if it gets enough of the majority a markup lays out a number of guantanamo related provisions of the twenty fifteen national defense authorization bill amongst that thing it includes authorizing the secretary of defense to transfer detainees to the u.s.
4:11 pm
for detention trial and incarceration once the president lays out a plan to shut down the facility it also allows for the temporary transfer of detainees to a defense medical facility in the u.s. if medically necessary and puts a moratorium on detainee transfers to yemen it also requires a report on what's preventing the transfer of detainees overseas and steps being taken to address those issues now while these are some of the boldest provisions put forward yet it's far from being a done deal the house passed their version of the defense bill last week too but it was stripped of many of those similar provisions so as to discuss the latest version of the bill and what it will take to see it passed i want to bring in david remes a human rights attorney who has many clients at guantanamo bay david thank you so much for joining us thank you so we had a house bill that was passed and then we have the markup passed on the same day can you just kind of break down the differences between these or the main difference is that the house bill would ban transfer is altogether.
4:12 pm
on the side it would also ban modification of u.s. structures for transfers but the main point is no transfers under the house bill under the senate bill there can be. transfers going along as there had been but the president is authorized to close down the place once he's given congress a road map for how he's going to do it now the interesting thing is it doesn't say when he has to provide the plan. that is very interesting there is no timetable but you know you mentioned as the house passed its own version of the bill it was hugely in favor of continuing the blockade on closing this facility down i think it was something like three hundred to eighty voted against closing this down and of course we have to re can solve these these bills is it are you optimistic at all that these provisions would even survive after that really reconciliation well one
4:13 pm
of them has to get because they're diametrically opposed what will happen next is that this bill bill come back the senate bill will come to the floor where it's subject to amendments so it could be changed there and then it will go to the conference committee where they'll attempt to square the circle and marry the two houses bills it's not expected to go to the floor until after the elections and what happens after the elections depends on who wins the elections that's a good point so a lot could change from now until then all according to the senate markup the president would have to submit a very detailed plan on i'm assuming how exactly these these detainees would be transferred out can you just talk a little bit about what you would expect to see in this sort of plan what kind of details would would would be needed i really can't. divonne what might be in the plan i mean there are plenty of elements you could think of which is how they get security assurances from other countries who takes care of them when they go to
4:14 pm
other countries what happens if they come to the united states what happens if they have to be resettled it's really quite of a condition we don't know what a plan is and we don't know whether it has to be turned down now from there the bill gives congress a chance to block the president's plan it seems like there's a little bit of back and forth that goes on here of course then obama has a right to veto their blocking and some analysts have said the bill gives congress a bit of political cover if obama decides to sort of shut this facility down in. is that all congress really needs to give the president authority or to give themselves cover. to give themselves or they already to give him authority he already has authority if they simply reenacted the law as it was passed last year he could proceed to do what needs to be done. he has flexibility to transfer detainees back to their home countries to third countries but he's moving at snail's pace and will be here for many more years if he doesn't speed up. now
4:15 pm
outside of transferring detainees and also imposes a one year moratorium on sending detainees from the facility to yemen because of the security situation there is is what's going on in yemen the reason we're seeing such a slow transfer because there's been so many of them that have been cleared for release as far as i enter understand and i know that i think the majority of them are of yemen nationality yemeni nationality i think that people make a false connection between the security situation in yemen and the justification or justifiability of sending yemeni detainees home you have to think that they are ripe for recruitment door going back to the battlefield which simply isn't true in the cases of the detainees that i know and i represent twenty so i think that really it is a security concern but it's unfounded and if security remains the stated concern again it's going to be a long time before yemenis return to yemen that said it puts more pressure on the
4:16 pm
state department and defense department to find a third country in which to resettle them so is it possible that they would come to united states temporarily or if they move do they move to that place permanently well this really depends on which version of the bill is passed because the senate bill allows the president to bring them into the u.s. for detention trial and sentance. so the president could do it in that manner unfortunately the authority to bring them in for detention raises a fear that they'll be in the same indefinite detention that they're in now and to varying degrees both the house and the senate versions of the bill call for a limit on the amount of money or at all having money go to sort of restoring the facilities there. i mean do you expect the government to can you continue to spend on the upkeep of get known and i do the question is at what levels the senate bill
4:17 pm
requires the government to justify improving the facilities by stating and showing to outlast the guantanamo situation and be applied in situations after that all right david remes human rights attorney for twenty different detainees thank you so much for coming on our program thanks for having me glenn greenwald the reporter who's helped bring to light the most significant intelligence leak in american history will and the document revelations the way they were started with a big bang greenwald now says he will reveal the names of the u.s. citizens who have been targeted by their own government and he claims it will be the biggest revelation of them all this weekend greenwald spoke to the sunday times of london and said the following one of the big questions when it comes to domestic spying is who have been the n.s.a. specific targets are they political critics and dissidents and activists are they
4:18 pm
generally people we'd regard as terrorists what are the metrics and calculations that go into choosing those targets and what is done with the surveillance that is conducted the speculation over the final weeks come just after the publication of greenwald latest book which chronicles the story that led to the release of the information while publicizing the book greenwald spoke at an organization here in d.c. and here's what he had to say. reality is that the disclosures that we've made have been quite damaging to the reputations and the credibility of american officials who have been lying to the public and building this massive surveillance system in secret for all these years but it hasn't in any way harmed any legitimate interest says american citizens greenwald says the names of n.s.a. targets will be published by his public excuse me publication the intercept was unclear when that will happen. only one exactly be able to catapult through the sky
4:19 pm
but some soldiers are closer than ever to getting a full out iron man style battle suit a newly researched technology would allow for an armored suit to provide full body ballistic support including bullet shields and cameras that give three hundred sixty degree view france has more drones and their capacity to kill without risking an operators life are still a technological novelty to many of us using a human's reasoning a robot drops a bomb but what about a human with all his reasoning hearing a gun facing down bullets inside the robot think of tony stark we all feel a little jealous when iron man barges into the bad guy's lair ready for battle but fully protected and with superhuman strength and awareness of the u.s. army may soon have its own divisions of tony stark's running around before you know it and to the tactical assault operator suit or tallow currently under development most are calling it the iron man suit of the army doesn't it won't fly soldiers
4:20 pm
wearing the suit will eventually have a powered exoskeleton for added strength liquid armor for greater ballistic protection built in computers night vision g.p.s. sensors for monitoring vital signs hydration needs temperature control and the ability to apply wound sealing foam. three unpowered versions will be delivered for testing in just a few weeks but the suits full capabilities aren't known yet the u.s. army is working with corporations government agencies universities and laboratories across the country to develop a tallow suit so complete it will make our special forces of the future look more humanoid than human in just a few years time in fact house was a ferocious greek mystical figure of bronze who circled the shores of crete three times daily to protect your robot from invaders now u.s. personnel won't be wearing full bronze like him but much like him they will enjoy a fully integrated system of powers instead of added on components hanging
4:21 pm
everywhere and when to wear down tell us it isn't exactly designed for the infantry to win the hearts and minds of people it's designed for busting down doors doing business and surviving so they're mostly go to the special forces and maybe a few billionaires who wish they were tony stark in washington lindsey france r.t. . the fast weekend protesters in over four hundred cities worldwide marched against us agricultural giant monsanto on an effort to boycott the use of genetically modified organisms in food production the movement here in washington d.c. saw dozens of activists come out in hopes of exposing what they've long called hernias on between big business and the government are these mega lopez has a story. it's the annual global protest against genetically modified foods over the weekend thousands gathered around the world to demand for accountability from regulatory bodies and biotech companies and for their right to
4:22 pm
know what's in their food putting a gene from a totally different species into a plant has had got to have repercussions and to be studied very carefully before we all start eating it wait twenty years and then i'll get sick sick sick we have a right to know or you know i want to know reading also about a hundred to one hundred fifty people came out to d.c. rally against c m o and against monsanto today they marched from the white house to the monsanto headquarters here in d.c. this building is on march however the people looked it up they came out here and they're here to protest and let them know that they want their g m o's to be labeled to be banned altogether protesters gathered from africa to australia south korea to slovenia fifty two countries in all with four hundred thirty six participating cities right now the food and drug administration does not require companies to label foods with genetically modified ingredients companies argue that g.m. labeling would deter people from buying products that they have been eating for years
4:23 pm
even though concrete evidence of adverse health effects on humans is lacking this year activists focused on the detrimental effects that we products like roundup ready could potentially have on the bee population many people dressed up like honeybees to speak about the importance that these insects have to balancing the ecosystem to all peoples very round up to kill the weeds but we don't do that because that's food for the bees and then with all these new differ chemicals are coming out of his brain a food we know as honey bees are disappearing and it is not good for us because if you want our fresh bowls he wants or fruits nuts and we need the pollen news we need those bees but the issue hits much closer to home for stephen uptick. who worries about the health effects of his son ambrose with the flood of genetically modified products to hit the market i don't think. the general population knows about what they're eating nor do they care and so the more younger people know you
4:24 pm
know that the better will be everything else is labeled our clothes. our medicine why not our food steven and his wife are going organic to keep their son from being exposed to g.m. foods but at a price we are forced you know to pay more money to get organic things or you know start taking more time out of the day to garden and farm different things last week the senate overwhelmingly rejected a bill that would allow states to require labeling of these foods now local legislators are taking measures into their own hands to counties an organ most recently heeded the call this month voting to ban g.m. crops altogether despite a well funded campaign by agribusiness groups anti monsanto activists hope other local governments will follow organ's example until then protesters say they will continue to gather to chance. to speak and to show the government that this issue is not one they're willing to let go of any time soon. in washington meghan
4:25 pm
lopez r.t. . if you're in the san francisco bay area keep your eyes open for some free cash the twitter account hidden cash has the bay area buzzing because it's revealing clues on where to find the money the man behind the twitter handle says he's made millions in the san fran housing market so now he's decided to give some of that money away today he tweeted his latest clue a couple new drops in san francisco today hint hope the sea lions don't get it he was referring to the pier thirty nine on the bay where sea lions gather on monday he tweeted new drop life is a beach and i'm just playing in the sand shorts. later forrest hanson tweeted a photo holding the on the low one hundred dollars in cash and it said thanks at hidden cash sharing most of it with other beachgoers have a great day each envelope usually contains one hundred bucks san francisco t.v. stations say the anonymous millionaire has friends helping with the money drops and
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he gave away four thousand dollars just over the memorial day weekend he has said the money drops will continue and he plans to expand to new york and los angeles for now this wealthy giver will stay anonymous he says this is not a promotion that he wants to remain in the shadows and that he hopes the money drops will lead to other people paying it forward in some small way boom bust is coming up next year on r t aaron a joins us for a quick preview hi aaron higher marathons now coming up on boom bust we're looking at a massive deal that wasn't and i'm talking about pharmaceutical giant pfizer walking away from a one hundred twenty billion dollar deal to buy british rival astra zeneca what made the company get up and walk away from the table we're telling you that my colleague edward errors that is holding on the port in d.c. he has a live interview with mike sherlock coming right up you definitely don't want to miss that so stay tuned lots of good stuff there things aaron thanks and that does
4:27 pm
it for now for more on the stories we covered go to youtube dot com for its launch our team america check out our website r t dot com for its last usa and follow me on twitter adam you're a david stay tuned to bust is next. i. think. i would rather as questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question more. players
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they were there i marinated and this is boom bust coming to you with live from n.y.c. and here are some of the stories we're tracking for you today now first up we're looking at the massive deal that wasn't i'm talking about pharmaceutical giant pfizer walking away from a one hundred twenty billion dollars deal with british rival astra zeneca so what made the company get up from the table we'll tell you found right up then my colleague edward harrison is holding down the fort in d.c. he has a live interview with the mike shylock coming right up you definitely don't want to miss that and in today's big deal edward harrison and i are talking about the big companies that are strategically positioning themselves in the battle for net neutrality and how google fiber fits into all that you will want to miss a moment and it all starts right now.
4:31 pm
in an effort to create the world's largest pharmaceutical company pfizer had been chasing astra zeneca since the way back in november now pfizer last proposed a deal for the company in november valued at one hundred twenty billion dollars billion with a b. proper under u.k. takeover rules astra zeneca was able to run out the clock on monday's deadline for reaching an agreement the decision ends a month long public fight between two of the world's biggest pharmaceutical companies the battle sparked political concerns on both sides of the atlantic over jobs and corporate tax maneuvers british rules now require enforced cooling off
4:32 pm
period astra zeneca could reach out to pfizer after three months and pfizer could take another run at it smaller british rival in about six months now pfizer walked away from the table with two hours to spare on monday morning and its decision to abandon negotiations had been widely expected after astra zeneca refused its final offer of ninety two dollars a share pfizer c.e.o. ian reid said in a written statement quote we continue to believe that our final proposal was compelling and represented full value for us for zeneca based on the information that was available to us astra zeneca as chairman leaf johansen countered by saying he was confident his firm had solid long term prospects as a standalone company last week astra zeneca board said that it was convinced convinced pfizer's takeover hopes were motivated by potential cost savings and tax minimisation and it's hard to refute that pfizer's pursuit of a.z.
4:33 pm
was an large part driven by high taxes now pfizer hoped to move its corporate base from the u.s. to the u.k. which would allow the company to paid british tax rates saving them one point four billion dollars annually there you have it. last quarter of the u.s. g.d.p. grew zero point one percent which is progress in glacial terms at best so our next guest is going to give you his take on what's in store for the u.s. edward take it away thanks aaron the. main question facing the federal reserve watchers today is when is the fed going to raise rates but of course rate hikes will depend on the performance of the u.s. economy so with contracting indicators on jobs and growth and it's hard to get
4:34 pm
a feel for what will happen. miss shedd locke is a blogger at global economic trend analysis is a critic of quantitative easing and he thinks that central bank should be doing less we want to talk to him about what his view on the u.s. economy is and for the federal reserve as well welcome to the show and this it's a pleasure to be back on it it's good to talk to you i want to get right into it with you miss some economists are there expecting the change in g.d.p. in q one in the u.s. to be revised down well into negative territory nevertheless the prevailing view seems to be that u.s. growth is now accelerating but by how much that's the question and yet you have a graph of the thirty year treasury rates which makes you wonder where the u.s. economy is really headed my question to you is why are rates going down for thirty
4:35 pm
years if the economy is actually getting better. a clearly a the treasury market doesn't see the same see things the way a lot of economists do i happen to believe the treasury market here. have been plunging since the beginning of the year down from about four percent to about on the thirty year long bond to about three point four percent today now if we were expecting a recovery we would be expecting to see the long end of the old rise and looking back a couple years it had been rising in expectation balls of the fed tapering and the economy strengthening now all of a sudden we see even though the fed's talks as if they're more committed to entering the and ending to a brink and normalizing interest rates well i think interest rates are going to normalize right about where they are which means they're not going to go up at all will home much of the decline in rates is due to technical factors like a dearth of long dated treasury paper and how much do you think it's
4:36 pm
a real economy. all the markets are so manipulated here that is indeed you know one of the problems and it's not just in the u.s. we have intervention in japan we have intervention in china my gosh the e.c.b. is talking about negative interest rates over there all to you know stimulate lending but so that to an extent does make it difficult but here if the fed really was going to be hiking we would see a lot of bond funds we would see hedge funds we would see all kinds of people acting in front of the trade front running it if you if you would just as they did when you were were going lower right and you know right around each time they announced a q e so want to least expect some unwinding of that and we're not seeing it
4:37 pm
instead we're seeing yields go down so the bond market has a different belief in this mess. than everyone else and we see the same thing in japan right now where the bank of japan is talking about well they've finally produced inflation rah rah rah well if they really did if japan was was in some sort of sustainable recovery here we would see the end start to rise pretty strongly it's not it's just staying flat so i think a lot of expectations for growth are built in to the united states japan to china and europe is not going to happen at all well you know miss one factor that seems to be blowing the u.s. economic growth is the case shiller that came out housing is one of the factors and prices according to case shiller were up twelve point four in the last year how do you see the housing picture right now contributing to the economic scenario black
4:38 pm
knight has it a little bit different i don't. recall their exact percentages i don't think they have it up as as much so there's a little bit of divergence that there's a difference between the methodology is here so you know one you know one agency says one and certainly one of people follow the most probably is is is case schiller but if you have home prices are up unless let's just say they are up what does that do for demand from the marginal buyer the one of the drivers of the economy is in a normal recovery least would be new household formation and we're not seeing it all new home sales are absolutely you know in in the gutter in some months they rise or stabilize a bit this last month they rose but it was so any when it was all in the midwest and the northeast the west other areas were were down so we see
4:39 pm
a little bit of stabilization or normalization actually i think they. home sales rose what twice in the last nine months and that's supposed to be an indication that things are going to get student docsis about one point four trillion something like that we've got record numbers of people aged twenty nine to thirty five still living at home with their parents there's no demand for housing from these people a lot of the housing demand that we did see was hedge funds and add private equity i mean. people like groups like black rock buying homes just for appreciation well now that they've appreciated what are they going to do is going to be unloading these are they going to be reading them certainly we're not seeing growth where we need to see it and that's a new household formation and if you look at all the student debt with with kids
4:40 pm
graduating from college without a job. kids moving back home with their parents with a different mentality about houses and financial assets i don't know we're going to see their growth in fact i think housing is very much likely to subtract from g.d.p. . this year and that'll be the first time probably since the bottom in two thousand not so where's the growth coming from that everyone sees china slowing down u.s. exports are going to be that misleading you're me going to have to be there for a second because we're going to run out of time so here i want to ask you a question related to what you're talking about you know basically we're talking about household formation being very negative and people taking on student loans and so forth what do you make of the long term unemployment situation and what kind of impact do you think that's going to have on medium term growth in the u.s. . oh it's going to have a huge impact it already is it's you know burn akki was scratching his head trying
4:41 pm
to figure out you know why his policies weren't working well they bailed out the banks have bailed out the financial institutions they rig ny to rush for the job bond market which is in a bubble if you ask me. but that didn't do anything for the economic fundamentals and it didn't help people who were student debt it really didn't spur creations of jobs what it did do was create a huge rise in an income inequality and if you look at the homes that are selling now a lot of them are at the high end and that's actually pushing the averages up that's why that's one of the reasons why you know we're seeing these these home price appreciation i don't think we're seeing it you know where we want it we're not seeing household formation where we want to or seeing financial speculation we're saying private equity buying homes where is it go when that stops so all of these things you know tied together i just don't see
4:42 pm
a picture here for strong growth with all of this debt would with no fundamentals of have changed. here you miss and i'd love to talk to you a little bit more but we were actually run out of time so i just want to thank you and hopefully we'll have you back on the sosa pleasure be on ed that was michael michette block. what's coming up next. thanks ed time now for a very quick break but stick around because when we return a martial hour of bach is on the program and he's discussing the so-called competitiveness problem in the euro zone periphery scary stuff and in today's big deal edward harrison and i are discussing google fiber and how big companies are positioning themselves in the battle for net neutrality but before we go here are a look at some your closing numbers of the bell stick around.
4:43 pm
this was in the washington well it's a miss that is being suggested in the latest numbers of the. candidates for the prophecy of current issues actually back to a new doesn't do too much for ad revenue my own tech agriculture giant teeth on a seventy six year old american farmer in the studio fallout do you think this is going to create for the cia do you think this is what's triggering a race america's the largest economy in the world it's also the largest debtor
4:44 pm
nation in the history of the world breaking the set is mostly of alternatives to the status quo but one might give real alternatives points to looking for the american dream the next they were just trying to survive it's time for americans and lawmakers are forced to wake up and start talking about the real causes of problem. i. welcome back to the show now europe seems like it's back from the dead growth is up ireland is out of the troika program spain is to portugal things that can top public debt markets and even greece believes it stands a chance of winning bailouts behind it as it has come back to the public markets but is the situation really so good and how long will it last that's the question
4:45 pm
now marshall are a back is the director of institutional partnerships at the institute for new economic thinking and he sat down with me and i started by asking him about the so-called competitiveness problem in the eurozone periphery and if this problem led to the crisis in the first place take a look at what he had to say i guess again if you take a step back let's look at the u.s. for example if texas has a current account surplus with the other forty nine states does it really matter. or you can or you could make the case that say states like arkansas or mississippi have had quote unquote competitive problems visa b. california for a long period of time but you've had these automatic stabilisers you've had distributions from state to state which have actually helped to alleviate the problem so people don't really look at it in those terms the competitive this problem becomes an issue because you are effectively these countries are in no man's land they are functionally in
4:46 pm
a fiscal sense like states because they're users of currency but they don't have a mechanism in place there's no supernatural entity which can establish these distributional mechanisms which would alleviate these competitive problems and that's the real core problem to the competitiveness problems is a symptom of a flawed architecture it's not the problem itself marshall are you worried about deflation in the eurozone. yes i think that if you don't get some significant turnaround some of these countries in fact in it may be even the the rate of inflation people say well it's still you know we're still running at about zero percent a one percent positive but actually if you look at seven or eight countries in the periphery they're already starting to decelerate further and i'm not sure that for example q we essentially just transfer bonds for reserves in the banking system is actually going to impact on that what you really need is a sustained program of public investment tax cuts whatever you want however you want to do it but fiscal stimulus i think is the only way to avert that and i'm not
4:47 pm
sure that the eurozone is has yet cross that rubicon now a study puts the aggregate european bank capital shortfall around one trillion dollars and this is in anticipation of the european central banks asset quality review isn't this a big problem as well. it's a problem if you're in the sense that if they're not prepared to stop those those liabilities it can become a much bigger problem i'm not even sure one trillion is the real problem the the bigger problem is that you have in regards to the banks in europe is that they are massively overcapitalized relative to g.d.p. and so the question becomes how do you guarantee the deposits in a credible way and i don't think that's been resolved i mean ireland for example that really was the camel of the straw that broke the camel's back in the sense that you had the irish government that said several years ago we're going to guarantee all of the positives in the of the irish banks and the markets began to
4:48 pm
say well hold on irish banks as a percentage of g.d.p. is about five or six times the g.d.p. how can the irish government which doesn't issue the euro credibly back those those deposits and that's the same problem you have across europe even in places like germany you have a banking system that's about three hundred fifty percent of g.d.p. so they may have the public finances right now to provide a credible method of deposit insurance but i'm not sure many other countries do in that situation. marshall in the one nine hundred ninety s. we didn't have a financial crisis after a big housing bubble and some even made sure that banks wrote down debt and that the bank shareholders took losses losses were so large in fact that the government became a principal bank shareholder but eventually the government sold its bank shares at a profit so is this what has happened in the year in europe and the united states. well it hasn't happened i mean unfortunately that's what should have happened of course the other point that sweden had and also norway had in those days was that it had its own currency so of course it could take the write downs and it could
4:49 pm
actually reflate on its own provide the resources necessary to absorb the banking shock now you can't really do that in the eurozone because they have a common currency and the only institution as i said that can actually create the currency to backstop all the liabilities is the european central bank i think moto draggy wants to do that but i think he's very politically constrained by countries like germany finland the netherlands and that's and that's a real problem again it all comes back to poorly constructed financial architecture . now i understand that you lived and worked in asia during the asian crisis just as japan it was sliding into deflation now what lessons can europeans draw from that experience in dealing with their own problems. well it's a good question and i would like to see the japanese in particular learn from that as well because they seem to be repeating the same mistakes but again it goes back to fiscal policy in asia they did actually make a lot of the same mistakes that the europeans were making in the sense that when
4:50 pm
the crisis first started ninety seven the i.m.f. came in and effectively told these countries you've got to balance your budget and increase interest rates which of course exacerbated the deflation and it was only when their currencies collapsed and they started getting an outlet through exports and their current accounts in places like korea malaysia thailand began to reverse very substantially they began to grow again and similarly today i mean one of the reasons why a country like iceland has done better than many of these other countries is because it has its own currency and because as you suggested it forced the banks shareholders and bondholders to take a haircut which is something we haven't done in europe and and i think that's been a really big problem no one's really prepared to get real and that happened in japan as well it took them almost ten years before they were ready to make the write downs necessary on their banking system. now do you believe the way that europe has dealt with banking capital shortfalls is better than the way that the
4:51 pm
japanese dealt with. well look i think the no is the answer i think they both have refused to provide any kind of market transparency i mean i think the real way that you want to deal with them was the way you described earlier when you had a situation in sweden where you effectively nationalized the bad banks you did a restructuring and turn them over to new management punish the shareholders and the bondholders but save the depositors and i think that's the way we deal with the problem here in the us in during the one nine hundred thirty s. in fact the swedish finance minister bo longer in once told me that they used the model outlined by jesse jones in his nineteen in his memoirs about the reconstruction finance corporation we seem to have lost that lesson we did make a much better go but during the savings and loans crisis in the sense that we prosecuted recalcitrant and criminal c.e.o.'s but in addition to that we there was a degree of market parts transparency
4:52 pm
a lot of this debt was was written down and sold off to private sector parties and there was genuine restructuring of the savings and loan industry we haven't had that in the u.s. we haven't had a new year of the fundamental structure remains the same so all we've done is to for problems until the next banking crisis in my opinion. marshall what are your thoughts about our japan now that i'll be nomics i started. you know it was working for a while. again if you look at the data recently there's been some deterioration in the trade account of registering trade deficits right now that's partly because the rest of the world is slowing down particularly china but the other problem is that they seem to have stupidly repeated the mistakes they made in one nine hundred ninety seven when they increased the consumption tax and again it's this worry that you know we got to deal with the fiscal problems instead of seeing the fiscal deficit as a symptom of an underlying economy and what they should have really done was just allow the economy to grow the deficits would have come down japan has
4:53 pm
a very. that was marshall era back from the institute of new economic thinking time now for today's big deal. i like that song already is a big deal remote big deal time with my favorite guy mr edward harrison now in today's big deal edward harrison and i are talking about big companies that are positioning themselves in the battle field for net neutrality the latest update on all this google fiber now google fiber is google's internet service company that provides broadband internet to certain cities in the u.s. now in a blog post the google fiber team so that they would never i repeat never charge a content creating company for direct interconnection to its network charging for
4:54 pm
a direct interconnection is of course exactly one big like comcast of arisan want to do and it just shows how this battle over net neutrality is heating up now the f.c.c. has proposed net neutrality rules and is currently receiving public comment so edward this sounds pretty technical to say the least so i want you to break this down for us so let's start off with the problem the problem is a good place to start netflix has recently agreed to pay a premium to connect directly to comcast internet service in order to improve speeds but netflix c.e.o. reed hastings argues that i as peas are centrally charging unfair tolls so can you give me a brief recap of the arguments around net neutrality in this idea of a toll well basically it goes around content providers versus the people who are actually getting the content you and me in the last mile of our old and so we're boils down to is you we want to get netflix or whatever other content that we want and we want it and we don't want it to be discriminated against or we don't want it
4:55 pm
to be slowed down in any way shape or form but the reality is that. certain content providers like net flix are actually taking up a huge amount of the band with at certain times apple for instance when they have the downloads of the aisle west when they update their. apple i phone system operating system they have huge ben with constraints and so apple has made an interconnection agreement with eyes piece in order to make sure that they have enough been within those particular times and so the question is is that a whole the price that apple's pain and now that netflix is playing netflix says yes it is a tool but companies like comcast and arisan say it's not at all. now i want to ask you about how does this google fiber announcement undermine this toll and what are the terms direct interconnection and appearing appearing as and looking. well you know i don't know how much it does undermine because google is playing both of this because they're actually
4:56 pm
a content company primarily and they only have google fiber in part and that's only in three cities so really what they're you know in terms of the period of arrangements what happens is that you know in the long haul fiber they have period interconnection arrangements with one another and that's where the tool can come you can actually have a long haul fiber company take you to the last mile or you can connect directly to the last mile that is rising or comcast and what we're seeing now is these direct connections and and you're paying a fee in order to do that in order to ensure that you get the fastest speed in your connection to that. ok so google fiber it essentially is offering a challenge to biggest peers in america that's how i see it and they're saying that they can run a profitable high quality business by allowing free period and that comcast summarize an argument argument that you know you need to pay so that the company can alleviate the network injection congestion skinny as in a coffee it's just simply nonsense so i want to ask you google fiber is only in
4:57 pm
three cities right now and they aren't really and i asked p. instead they're mostly a content provider like netflix so is this just an example of google talking big without really needing to rely on internet service to generate generate their revenue. you know as i was saying before i think that they are conflicted in the sense that they can talk that game obvious because they're mostly content providers so that at the end of the day google is going to top the content game unless the ais game they're just using the i as he game as a stick in order to get into that business and to to say something different in order to help. us go and. you know it certainly sounds like a dirty dirty game but this isn't the last we'll hear of it that's for sure well there you have it thank you as always you can see all segments featured in today's show on you tube at youtube dot com slash boom bust our teeth please tweet us at edward and age from all of us here boom bust thank you for watching we'll see you next time tell.
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through. the book. it was a little very hard to take a. long. long time that back with the earthquake there are no. least.
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little of the of the the of. we welcome aaron nathan abby martin to the tour of the coast sun the art team network. it's going to give you a different perspective give you one star never i'll give you the information you make the decision you both go bring you the work it's a revolution of the mind it's a revolution of ideas and consciousness. with the extreme right approach which would be described as angry i think i'm a strong you know under single. male is an obvious boy in cyprus then this is spreading out to other countries the central bank using the euro electronic dirty simply take your money if it's a house at a store of value if you just take the money with it going in the black jail you don't have that risk.
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coming up on r.t.e. eastern ukraine has seen a flare up in fighting and debts government forces battle and a kiev separatist at the donetsk airport the latest just ahead. and we may get closer to a get motion down some lawmakers are giving president obama the power to transfer detainees we'll talk about the future of the detention camp coming up. and a global protest was held against agribusiness giant monsanto and includes the nation's capital as activists said no to g.m. knows all the details later in the show. it's tuesday may twenty seventh five pm in washington d.c. i'm mary david and you're watching r.t. america may be.


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